Dec 14



INTO WEEK 19 Summary: 


World Records keep getting broken.


·       ROI 4,190%.

·       Laying unfit horses: 532 bet, win 523 times.

·       Profit on lays 63,000%

·       Win lays in a row: 156 undefeated.

·       Fittest horses winning 88% of the time strike rate.

·       Exotic dividends now getting closer to $1 million ($926,000)


And we will win again today.


Our very exciting world-wide punters clubs in the works.


Thanks James


Dec 14



Nice work on Wednesday.


Good morning punters yesterday we had a great day at Mornington and Wyong.


Most calls were spot on and top line with winning 12/14 races (86% strike rate) and that made for cheap exotics.




We averaged a huge $1,375 per race.




We had 10 days successful for a 10/10 undefeated score.




We had many winners on top successful.


More again Thursday.


Cheers Jim


Dec 13



Massive day live, huge profits and going to twitter@fithorses for some dog

and trot races, 1-2 selections.


Relax a bit and take it easy, selected races and usually go well.


15 minutes after the last at WYONG



Dec 13



Good morning members,


Today we are live at Mornington and Wyong with small fields and that is good

news as the top line can show a short way home to our trifectas and pick 4’s

where our winning ways will continue.


See you at 12.45pm.


Hong Kong later or I will go over and watch the Jeff Horn fight.


Cheers Jim


Dec 12




A nice afternoon stroll to the bank.


Good evening punters I did 5 races late at Warrnambool and Orange with winning results.


We collect $3,420 at a cost of $2,400 with a profit of $1020 or 42% in the bag.


Our top line was undefeated on 5/5 and that takes our strike rate to a healthy 88% of either

of the 5 fittest horses winning.


This makes your exotics wins so much cheaper.


Calls were good and a couple of races turned out magnificent.


Live again tomorrow



Dec 12



Showtime now.

Dec 11



Change of plans for tomorrow.


I may get the last 5-6 races at Warrnambool and Orange tomorrow and


then look at Wednesday in the heat.




Dec 11



Good morning punters tomorrow we are live in the mounting yards at Warrnambool and Orange

and they look great races for us.


See you about 1pm.


Wednesday is going to be a stinker and see if races go ahead and if do; they will be in and

out of the mounting yards in seconds.






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