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Dec 10



Week 18 summary:


Good morning members, we only did live 2 days this week, a marathon 10 hours on Friday

with a double header and Saturday.


Friday was great and Saturday zero profits as roughies keep getting in.

18th week profit was a low 50% ROI.

When the quaddie pays $95k as on Saturday, u know you are in trouble.


So after far 18 weeks live:


·       Exotics    $907k, a million just around the corner.

·       ROI          3890%

·       Lays:        520/511 successful, profit is  61,900%   (Win is 41,900%, Place is 20,000%)

·       Top line strike rate of either of the 5 horses winning is now 87%

·       Will check, but I think we are 150 consecutive win lays in a row, a world record.


More this week we are working on punters club service, rebates and many other thing for

punters include SMS Fitness text betting and exiting new software.









Dec 9



Good morning members,


We are live today at Pakenham and Rosehill for our big Saturday coverage of more winners

follow our new betting strategies to make your outlays smaller and your winning bigger.


See you about 12.10am







Dec 8


Please save and use the url for easy access, on fire all day.




Dec 8



Suggestions on how to bet today to win.


Today’s races where there is value most likely and where there is not and

suggested each way betting or just roving 1 or 2 horses in exotics ON MINUS RACES.

See our odds on our fitness sheets AND ADD UP TOP LINE PRICES.




  • Mornington           1-3-5-6-7-8-9
  • Muswellbrook       2-3-4-6-7-8
  • Valley tonight       2-3-4-5-6-7





  • Mornington           2-4
  • Muswellbrook       1-5
  • Valley tonight       1-8


So members can see plenty of value today and just need the right horses fit

and we will find that for FREE. See red link.


The Rain Man


Dec 8



Good morning members we are live in the mounting yards today @ ..........


Go to live in the red link please.


Rain Man Jim


Dec 7



FREE Fit% ratings


  • ROI 3,840%
  • 17wks $882k exotics,
  • 500/492 winning Lays,
  • 91% top line winners, a world record,


That is hard to beat


Dec 7



This week’s racing live:


Good morning punters, we are back live on Friday at Mornington and Muswellbrook

during the day at about noon, and maybe some of the night meeting at the Valley.


Saturday is our usual double header at Pakenham and Rosehill.


See u then for plenty of winners live from the mounting yards.







Dec 6



28.8 PLUS/MINUS bets today where place or each strategies may be best.


Got to live please, red link above.


This can also help out on doubles and quaddies.




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