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Dec 6



I have solved fitness, I now have thousands of live results to establish betting patterns.


·       28.8 PLUS races today, where the odds of the top 5 horses are likely to be over $28.8,

making multiple trifecta and pick 4 investments potentially profitable.


·       28.8 MINUS races today, where the odds of the top 5 horses are likely to be under $28.8,

making multiple trifecta and pick 4 investments unprofitable.


·       The best suggested bet for 28.8 MINUS races is to bet a place on your favourite horse,

suitable for martingale strategies or win and place wagering.


Will post races at midday.


I am not live today.





Dec 5


I can solve everything.


See live story.




"Maximum says STRENGTH & HONOUR 2 28.8 members"



Dec 5



When is it best 2 Bet and what odds do you require?


See live for trifecta and Pick 4 punters on how to win more.



Dec 5



What are rebates?


We are looking into rebates for 28.8 members.


See live for story



Dec 5



I think UK racing services are primitive, see live story

UK bookies are the richest in the world and this may be why?


Dec 5



Where the dividends are coming from in Trifectas and Pick 4's, GO TO LIVE TO GET THE FITNESS FORUMULAS.



Dec 4



UK Punters would never crack my fitness codes over there.

Go to live for this great story please.



Dec 3



This week also we will be talking about Bitcoin Betting on live.


Our 28.8 Fitness Edge worldwide Punters Club is gather momentum.


This will be huge, think of it as a new business like share market trading.


Think as more of investing in a number of commodities with a fitness edge and

less as gambling with no fitness edge, more later.




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