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Live tomorrow in Victoria and NSW, see u then for free fitness percentages from the mounting yards.



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Dear Affiliate Managers.


Good afternoon, why not affiliate with our world record breaking FREE ICloud live fitness % ratings

from the mounting yards and make money?


World record results after only 16 weeks on  [30 years in the making though]


Video and Banner advertising is also available and we can monetized 28.8 Fitness percentage graphs

on your web site, 3-8 minutes before a race.


50/50 Profit sharing.


World Record Results:


·        ROI                       3,300%

·        Exotics                   $817,000

·        World Record          208 consecutive lays in a row on unfit horses.

·        Lays  Win               232/230     99% strike rate

·        Place Lays              232/227      98% strike rate

·        Profit on lays in 16 weeks a  world record of 37,300%


Blog:   750k views


Please contact me:



James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 World’s No 1 LIVE FREE Horse Fitness TV.

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Nov 28



100% super fitness pulled off this great plunge. 1975

I had a handy greyhound that won his juvenile and grade 5 race, but was drawing

bad boxes and getting into trouble the next 15 starts.

I took him to Sandown on Tuesday trial night over more distance, he won in 44.36 which at the

time was about 6 lengths off City invitation standard and good enough to win a

grade 5 in the city but I down-graded for a bush plunge.

The dog had developed a liking for an outside draw and how could I get

that wide box and have a good go at him?

I checked the racing calendar and a 640 handicap race at Wangaratta was coming up

with the local champ off 1 metre, Box 1 and 6-7-8 boxes off ten metres.

Could the local champ give my dog 9 metres start and win, impossible plus I
had my outside draw.

I then dropped his trials back to
6 x 300 metres to get more early speed in him,

pumped up his blood count and had him 100% super fit.


My plunge was 4 weeks’ away and he was ready to win!

He drew draw box 7, great news.

With  15 bookies on course, 5 other mates went to the track and money in their pocket.


We did not talk to each other for the first 5 races nor did we form any sort of a group.

Pop wiped his forehead in the centre of the ring and that was the signal for each

punter to keep hitting 3 bookies each,


plus the time was set to hit Olympic Park bookies at the exact second as much as we could at top odds.

We opened at 15/1 and finished at 7/4, with the average price was 8/1.

His second call to Olympic Park from Wangaratta was 15/1 into 7/4.

He jumps a length in front,  3 lengths in front around the first corner, 5 lengths in

front up the back, 7 lengths in front turning for home and wins by 9-1/2 lengths.

The bookies had to borrow off the tote to pay me.

My reputation was getting shot to pieces. Hahahahaha






Nov 28




Not for the faint hearted but may well show that backing the top fittest horses on fav $3.50

and 4 others is my best and simplest system.

Archie’s Score is a system worked on probabilities and how much to wager to return a profit.

So what are my probabilities.

Good money is in Pick 4 dividends that pay huge.

Then trifectas next best bet. (Or is this the best?)

Then hedging top line 5 fittest horses that has been paying consistent profits.

(Or this the best; simple and don’t be surprised?)

Backing 1st fittest horse will not work consistently enough because I do not study the form.

Archie’s Score taking Pick 4’s

Archie’s Score based on $3.50 price fancied runner:  10-12 races per day or more.

Won’t work on short priced odds as does not cover your bet unless bet up again on those odds.

Minimum Pick 4 dividend required is  $800:  Archie’s Score is 85% chance of paying

that amount and higher.

Archie’s Score bet and strike rate:

5-5-7-7   Archie’s Score of 70% probability strike rate

7-7-7-7   Archie’s Score of 10% probability strike rate

Missed 20% probability strike rate

Archie Score bet:

5-5-7-7   Bet  $30  for a 5% return  [Archie’s Score dividend has to be $800 = 

$40, 85% probability]

7-7-7-7   Bet  $10  for a 1.19% return  [Archie’s Score dividend has to be $3,000 =

$35.70, 70% probability]

Archie’s Score on 5-5-7-7 with a 70% probability strike rate and pays $1,500 returns 6.19%

= $092.85 for a $40 bet   ( $2.32 odds on combinations)

Archie’s Score on 5-5-7-7 with a 70% probability strike rate and pays $2,500 returns 6.19%

= $154.75 for a $40 bet   ( $3.86 odds on combinations)

Archie’s Score on 5-5-7-7 with a 70% probability strike rate and pays $4,000 returns 6.19%

= $247.60 for a $40 bet   ( $6.19 odds on combinations)

There are flaws as not 100% sure of dividends but I have records of thousands of races, all the

same challenging and interesting.

You would need spread sheets using Archie’s Score.

If u went then down to 3-5-7-7, you have a much bigger slice of the dividends.

Gambling is a game of chance that is for sure.

Even as posting this, I think backing every horse on the top line @ $3.50 minimum may be best

fitness system and is the simplest for punters and 10 bets a day.


Plus you can get higher odds through corporate bookies and Betfair







Nov 27





A frustrating day with programming.


Good evening, they really are mean persons Vic and NSW racing authorities towards punters.


They could not give two hoots about programming and one race got down to 3 minutes between the 2 states.


With ambulance delays at Hamilton and lightning at Wagga where they came in like brown

cows in the mounting yard and of no concern to programmers, it was a frustrating day.


We missed over $12k in exotics because I did not get to see or was rushed to get my numbers right.


With an average of $440 return per race, 600% profit on 6 lays successful

which takes us to 208 straight, obviously a world record, I think our ROI

was a conservative 10% but should of have been 110%.


Off to the movies tomorrow and back for our Wednesday city meetings and I hope the

broadcasting is of a more professional effort.


I tested Fitness Text Betting direct to mobiles today to get the characters

down to about 140, so as to quick send ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.


We will then create new software to handle this and is a good idea because local and

overseas punters are asking for it.


Cheers for now.



Nov 27



I know I have a weakness

I do not get enough winners on top and this is because I do no study the form but will

get the 1st group across the line.

i just do not have the time and also work world-wide and sometimes harness and dogs.

It is up and down like a yoyo, sometimes 25%, up to 76% strike rate.

The other week, nice work 11/16 on top with a respected strike rate of 68%.

Punters need to have a look whom is best suited in each race after fitness posted.




Nov 27





Good morning members,


28.8 count is now 202 winning bets in a row laying unfit horses.


Your spread sheets looks like this:









And that is a lot of money.

Last night Sha Tin and Singapore, 9 races with the average return per race of $1,555

Mad Money Monday today on slow donkeys racing on low graded races, yet returning our biggest profit days.



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