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Ref: Hong Kong fitness levels


28.8 are going to work more into the multimillion dollar pools at Hong Kong and also our

28.8 Triple 888 Asian Punters Club. (All welcome)


On their web site they have nearly all track work x trainers and will rate them 4-5 day before the next meeting,


which is a huge early fitness mail leg up for punters.


It will take me a while but is great information for punters.


Of course the horses fitness levels will change in the 4-5 days before their race,


but horses in the fitness zone will stay in the fitness zone.


It will be great early fitness mail information for punters wanting to take doubles, quaddies and bet

before bed a wake up a winner.


With up to $5m in the tab pools on their duets, if punters box up our top line of

5 horses which costs $5 for 50% and if I tip the Trifecta from the top line,



They are paying overs and great profits.


You will need to confirm your email if you want this information posted as it comes in.


Thanks James


Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

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