This could be a great betting option punters.


Good morning.


I did a more comprehensive pre-race fitness tip talk because of the extra minutes at Happy Valley last

night for 5 races finishing at 12.30am.


Had 1365 hits and punters  liked the expanded format under Fitness % Academy banner.


Best results over $7k one race.


They had $3 - $4 million in the pool for duets, and with some of mine paying $15 - $25,

if I can get a 1-2-3 from two or 3 horses any order, they love it.


Duets costs only $10 for 100% return and if I get 1-2-3 top line, you end up

having 3 winning tickets, that’s just about fool proof when millions in the pool.


Best exacta was $86 top line and that was huge result as costs $20 for 100%.


Will try more here but have less time.


I could early post and then post again a more detailed summary, still have 2-3 minutes

to bet 40% of races.


Bring it on Steve, (Triple888 Asian Punters club) the old man’s still on fire!


Our Triple888 Asian Punters club, any world wide members are welcome;  members can go to sleep

and wake up with money in their account.





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