How 2 win using fitness.


I find an edge from the mounting yard and here is a suggested betting formula to win on fitness.


·        If I bet exotics, I rover the 1 or first 2 selections with others and a bit more again with the first selection to win added

percentage of the dividends.

·        I generally only run the last 2 horses  in a pick 4/trifecta on the 3rd - 4th line, this adds more value but they are

low strike rates runners.

·        If I bet win - place, most times fixed,  it is only the fittest horses and sometime another bet on something at big

odds on the top line.

·        Hedge 1-2 is a good suggestion as they win most races.


·        I level stake bet.


Watch out for:


New -  you will see 1 horse highlighted on its own such as 3/6-8-11-2/14-15. I like the 3, make it your bet and 95% run in the exotics. Good added place bet.


Notes: Camels, terrible lot, too hard, good luck, low fitness, these are recommended pass or lower bet races, even lot of ordinary horses and generally lose.


I hope this helps.







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