Good morning members, a huge day with our new concept of calling risky bets on short priced horses.


·        I did 9 calls and average price win was $6.60 and ALL LOST, most last. 900% profit.

·        I did 9 calls place and average price was $2.60 with 1 paying a dividend. 700% profit.

·        This also opened up bigger dividends in exotics for members.

·        Profit on 1st day of unfit risk betting 1,500%

·        ROI exotics 40%

·        $26 returned from top line tips in 18 races, profit $8, plus many 2nd hedge bets won.

All good and back Wednesday, 2 days a week enough at the moment as Spring carnival burnt me out plus just out of hospital.


Only $20 per day for live SMS ratings.






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