Saturday on web tracks in Mornington and Rosehill.


Spent $4,400 on 18 races.


Returned $16,600


Profit $12,200      290% ROI


9 LAYS ON unfit horses 900% strike rate

9 Lays on unfit horses a place, 900% strike rate.


18 races / 16 top line horses wins: 89% strike rate.


503/501 lays so far with a win strike rate of 99.60% strike rate


503/486 place lays so far with a win strike rate of 96.7% strike rate.


Win lays last 393 straight undefeated: 100% strike rate


Place lays 2 of last 393 only lost: $99.50% strike rate a place.


Nearly $AU1.4 million in exotic dividends.


584 races / 507 top line horses have won 86.82% win strike rate on fitter horses.


All great




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