Dec 12



My marathon is over now, 8 hours live; hundreds and hundreds of fitness percentage ratings around Australia.

I held my 41% win strike rate which was a nice effort, exotics won


Next meeting Wednesday or stay tuned.



Dec 11



I had a bet in UK last night in a 3 horse jumps race.

•    1 horse was 100% fit  +strength + blood + fitness

•    Next was 97% fit +strength – blood -  fitness 2nd up

•    Last horse was 96% fit -  strength -  blood -  fitness

There off, 100% leading, 97% falls at the 1st, 96% last

•    100% leading easily, increases the tempo 500 out and leaves the 96%, who can’t make ground.

•    100% wins easing down x 20 lengths.

•    Price $2 (evens)

Fitness price should have been $1.10 1/10

It pays to know how fit your next bet is.

Dec 10



Fitness Update.


I rated horses since 1987 and my formula of 1% = 1 length edge for punters took me 30 years and 150,000 hours to

complete and millions of ratings.

I can do thoroughbred, harness and dogs anywhere in the world.

I fitness consults for Group 1 trainers.


28.8 tip successfully each day live to punters on sms ($20 per day) for 2 meetings per day from the mounting yards,

off monitors in my office in Melbourne.


14 months:

·        17k% ROI

·        Lay unfit strike rate 99.50%

·        $2.6 million in exotics

·        93% of fitter horses win.

·        I study no form, just tip fitness


This week 90% of 1-2 fitter horses have won every race.



Dec 9



Goods morning members,


Hi again James.  Incredible tipping mate. I will sign up for Wednesday as I should be able to put the bets on at work.  Cheers for now  Geoff

A member won $6,000 on the quadddie with 1 horse leg up winning 1st leg.


Huge week in the 2 days, 16 winners on top and about the same amount of winners from our 2nd fittest selection.

·        That gives us a strike rate of 90% fitter horses winning 1-2, plus big exotics.

·        We have no races next Saturday because of Christmas functions.

·        Passed on the trots Saturday night as many, many long odds on runners winning and quaddie paid a whopping $2.60

Back Wednesday and thanks.



Dec 9



Good morning Russell, welcome to 28.8 live fitness tips.


We do live mounting yard fitness tips in Melbourne and Sydney races. I work off monitors.

A sub of $55 will get you 3 meetings or $20 paypal.

Info is sms and short so as to speed up, the aim is for the 1-2 first selections to perform.

Sample sms.

Valley  2-3/4-7-8/9-11

So next race Moonee Valley best fittest are the 2-3 suggested to work with.

Plus the odd RISK horse in the betting not fit, to increase your exotics or lay.

See how it works:


All good and I am  here to help


·        93% of fitter horses win.

·        ROI 13 months 17,000%

·        $2.6m in exotics tipped.

·        Win lays 99.50% strike rate, all prices but new service now on favourites is what punters want.


I need your mobile please.

Our next meeting is Wednesday and note NO RACES NEXT SATURDAY AS CHRISTMAS FUNCTION.

Wednesday we had 9 winners on top out of 14 races: 64% win strike rate.

Saturday winners returned $34 from 1st fittest horse and about the same again from 2nd fittest horse and $10k in exotics.

I study no form, just fitness before the race.


Level stakes betting is recommended.





Dec 8



Winners on top $5, $4.30, $4, $3.40, $7.80 and $9.30

Dec 8
Dec 8




Feedback from Jim's Betfair forum "value bet" below....

  • "He's posted more selections that have won in 30 minutes that most tip in 3 months. He knows his stuff....."
  • "Thanks Santa, looks like you stuffed up right - we ordered a forum Gym and you gave us a forum Jim - I think this one will be more useful"
  • "This bloke is sheer gold, I can sleep in now, and give up going to the track at 5.00 am.......Thank God..IMO."
  • "This guy is a beast lol"
  • "I know who value bet is......He's the bad dude from Back to the Future who travels back in time with a racing almanac and makes a fortune coz he already knows the winners. He has already made his fortune and is now sharing the can only be so.....fkucing brilliant"
  • "Value Bet is either 1 of the luckiest punters, or 1 of the best enclosure watchers around, I'm tipping it's the latter, very well done"
  • "Speaking of groups 1s, Value Bet appears to be G1 class at assessing them in the enclosure, well done"
  • "Hey VB do you reckon your Mum can let you come out and play again tomorrow...huh huh PLEASE lol"
  • "My physchiatrist advised me I should no longer believe in messiahs as it is detremental to my mental health however she also tells me not to stop taking my meds but I feel good now so I've stopped. I believe that VB is the new messiah and I'll put my faith in you the next fav you reckon is not fit. I'm going all-in with a lay"
  • "WD Judge...fcuk me this is the best value thread in a long time lol"
  • "Just logged onto this thread. I think we have a new messiah."
  • "VB your a phenomenom!!!!!!! Move over all pretenders."
  • "Vb you can be a regular poster any day in my book....."


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