Dec 8



Good morning John, welcome to 28.8 live fitness tips.


We do live mounting yard fitness tips in Melbourne and Sydney races. I work off monitors.

Your subs will get you 3 meetings.

Info is sms and short so as to speed up, the aim is for the 1-2 first selections to perform.

Sample sms.

Valley  2-3/4-7-8/9-11


So next race Moonee Valley best fittest are the 2-3 suggested to work with.

Plus the odd RISK horse in the betting not fit, to increase your exotics or lay.


All good and I am  here to help

·        93% of fitter horses win.

·        ROI 13 months 17,000%

·        $2.6m in exotics tipped.

·        Win lays 99.50% strike rate, all prices but new service now on favourites is what punters want.


I need your mobile please John

Wednesday we had 9 winners on top out of 14 races: 64% win strike rate.

Level stakes betting is recommended.



Dec 8



Here is fitness for horses podcast I did.

Dec 6



Good morning punters, nice work yesterday with 9/14 winners on top 64% win strike rate.

Today we are laying some unfit horses live 2-3 hours.

Will post on live forum here. see red links above.

Sandown dogs tonight but as a scorcher here the first few races may go straight to the boxes and we could lose 4-5 minutes before sunset.


Dec 4



Good evening punters, have a busy week coming up and starting tomorrow.

•    Wednesday:    Horses SMS service, no lays, Echuca, Sydney and Sandown till about 6pm.  SMS

•    Thursday Lay Day live and free. I will post BETFAIR HERE PLUS world-wide unfit fancied horses to monitor the
market trading trends. Lays win selections recommended.

•    Thursday night:  Sandown dogs live FITTEST TIPS FROM THE KENNELS on track, 2 fitter dogs each race BEFORE FIXED ODDS OPEN, at least first 8 races: SMS

•    Friday, maybe more free lays?

•    Saturday:   Two state races during the day at office on win fitter horses and then off to Cranbourne trots live on-course BEFORE THE RUNNERS GO ON TO THE TRACK, for most of their card. SMS for day/night: 

•    Interesting to watch the trading trends on laying unfit horses in the following months.

As long as you live you will never see this again, I think?


I will win every day.



Dec 3



I won about 200 races as a dog trainer David.





I might go to Sandown dogs on a Thursday, and have a look, u get 10 minutes from the kennels.

·        Plus I have jumped up a level from 10 years ago.

·        There has been a decided bigger interest in night betting.

·        You may know the winners BEFORE FIXED odds open up.

·        Need a barmy night so the dogs don’t have their rugs on.

·        1st 8 races at least.

·        $20 a night LIVE SMS.



Ex-Dog Trainer

Dec 3





From: James
Sent: Monday, December 3, 2018 5:46 AM
To: 'David

Subject: RE: 28.8 I stressed out big time, down but not out.


Thanks David, I hate losing members money.

Saturday was low fitness ratings with the odd 98% -then 97% - 96% and that means even low fitness and I got caught on lays.

It’s hard when you are getting emails in during the day from lay members:  “Where are my lay bets”




From: David To: 'James 

Subject: RE: 28.8 I stressed out big time, down but not out.

Gidday James ,    All good …




Dec 2



I stressed out big time, down but not out.

Good morning punters,

Apologies for members on only for lays sms that lost 7 points on win bets and on lay.

When I have members just waiting and waiting and waiting for unfit favourites sms tips; it sure adds up to yours truly

stressing out and you make the wrong decisions that costs.

Fit win and unfit lose fancied runners are 2 different games to play and just too hard for me, at the moment.

•    Round 1 is over with 3 days 1,000% profit on win bets and even on place bets.

•    Round 2 will not be sms but FREE live posted here and suggestion of win lay only that is the only tips.

•    I will get on top of this new challenge.

•    Exotics on fire Saturday with 300% ROI

•    Fitter horses won 18/18 races, 100% strike rate.



Dec 1



Big day coming up.

Saturday 8th going live on track for the Pakenham Cup and then over oncourse at the Cranbourne trots night meeting,

for same service, lay unfit, back fit.

Interesting today, many new members on just wanting lay unfit horses, good business for Betfair?

All good.



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