Apr 10



Live SMS ratings tomorrow from on track at Sandown, only $20 please contact.


Tuesday, great work today with $18,100 in dividends at a costs of only $5,100 with a huge ROI 330%


Over $1.5m in exotics tipped.


We have 11 wins lays and 11 place lays for 100% strike rate on unfit horses = 100% strike rate

and 2,000% profits.


539 win lays / 537 winners, undefeated for 427 races now for 100% strike and punters have

not lost on a win lay for nearly 6 months.


539 place lays / 522 winners 97% strike rate on place laying and punters have won

425 times last 427 races, 99.53% place strike rate.


Top line delivered 94% winners on 16 races and 15 winners including a 2nd fittest paying over $20.00


Overall fitter horses have won 86.30% strike rate.


My Group 1 trainers are winning more big races with my fitness % spread sheets around

the world for their horses to race fitter.


I have invented a new Chinese Poker game and that is before the powers to be around the world,

and see what happens, it is a great invention and concept.


If this sells, what did Kramer say: “I’m out a here Jerry”


We won’t be proceeding into Hong Kong as they would not allow us to advertise, so

pulled the pin on that at the moment.


Early morning USA could be an option.


All good




Apr 10



Good morning members, on Saturday it looked a really tough day on the punt with big fields and 4/1 favourites.


I placed bet on 8 selected top rated horses with 7 getting home and a strike rate of 87.50% and a 350% profit.


All nice work and we returned 20/20 win and place lay 100% strike rate and ROI 50%


Yesterday, Monday I thought I would see how far I could go on starting and predominately place bets

finishing with a 81% strike rate.


So punters should look at place betting our top rated or 1-2 whom you like for simple place bets.


See you again today around about 1pm.




Apr 9



Good evening punters we are live tomorrow at Seymour and


Ballina and anywhere else.


See you around 1pm.


Cheers Jim


Apr 8



Good morning members,


I applied the right strategies on what looked like a hard day and turned out to be one.


I place bet on 8 races with 7 winners, 88% strike rate and excellent profits.


We had 10 lays win and place and that was 20 more winners, 100% strike rate = 2,000% profit.


Our ROI was down to 40%


We had only 1 horses 100% fit and that was Happy Clapper that walked in the Doncaster at $5.00


Thanks heaps and see you again during the week.




Apr 7



Good morning members, today we are live from Bendigo and Randwick for big

racing and our first is an early start about 11.15am, good luck James

Apr 4



Good morning punters.


Tuesday results summary and one slipped away from the bag for a would have been near record day.


We found on top fittest horse; Chevoux $7 out to $17 from the all-powerful Weir camp

with signs up from the ring, can’t win.


28.8 said yes fittest horse and top rated and won impressively, but missed on one horse for $6k in exotics.


We had Fine Embers 3rd fittest winner at $21 plus another $18 runner 3rd, but missed

on the 13, another $22,000 in exotics.


This happened several times during the day.


Such is life and we still showed a 64% ROI.


No races today as brain dead and our next meeting will be the big races in town and especially Sydney.


See you then and thanks.



Apr 3



Good morning members.


We are live again today at Ballarat and Grafton with only the one meeting from each state:

I should get good mounting yard coverage


Nice wins again yesterday, spent $5,200 and returned $14,800, profit of $9,600, 180%


See you before 1pm.




Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 World’s No 1 LIVE FREE Horse Fitness % TV

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Apr 2


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