Apr 2



Hi punters we are live on line today in Melbourne and Sydney for plenty of more winners and exotics


which have been consistently high lately as always.


Saturday spent $4,500 and got back $17,000.


We are this stage will not be proceeding with Hong Kong races as they said over there,

no, no, on our marketing and advertising.


The easiest racing/winners for me in the world is the USA racing.


Small fields and up to 10 ten minutes, may look at that for an early morning service.


I have access to USA live streaming of all races now.


I just backed a $10/$4.80 a place winner there.


No good betting into Australian pools as very small.


So move on, will let u know when we are closing 28.8 to membership only.


More later.





Mar 31



Good morning punters, I was crook on Wednesday and has to pull the pin and went a back

about 11pm for some later races in Hong Kong with good success.


Big meetings today at Caulfield and Rosehill and you need to have your wits about you.


Dividends will be huge I can guarantee that so know our best chances in terms of Form and I will add fitness.


Good luck and live after 12 noon.


Chris Waller holds a good hand today and will look at this chances at Rosehill.





Mar 28



Good morning punters.


Today we are live around 2pm for Sandown races, Warwick Farm and back later for Hong Kong.


See you about 2pm.





Mar 26



The last 786 wins and place lays have resulted in punters winning 784 times, with only 2 place lays on lower liabilities getting up.


Mar 26



Today there is another 2 more Ultimate Glory in the 10th Race at 31/1, with 50 starts, 4W/ 15P, and

Racenet can not even find when it last won? It has had 8 starts in the last 12 Months for 2 seconds,

and is only running ONCE a month, if that?


Ran 3rd in this race at 45/1 and paid $6.85 a place.



Mar 26



Vig Aitch, I have a better vision for punters, corporates are ripping you off and taking control of everything that you read,

listen to and see.

Media cannot say boo, or they are sacked.

Is there anything wrong with this?

Who else fights for the rights of punters here?

Speak Up.

Betfair is the best betting place in the world by miles.

There are new big corporate laws coming in Australia banning most coroporate advertisng, full stop.

Now the corporates will crawl on their knees to get your business back.

They cancelled one of my corporate banners because of low hits on it, which have been around for 10 years and

just about have and tried all punters, now they want me to start again!

I am a now valued client. What a load of rubbish.

Their cumthumpance day is reconing.

And that is one reason I am going to Hong Kong.

Betfair in Australia is doubting its lively hood there, times are changing.

Racing in Australia is so rich, with mega million dollars races everywhere; yes because of the corporate dollars.

But enough is enough of 24/7 gambling advertising everywhere.

If races had to pull back 20% in prize money, is anybody going to really care?

The Everest this year is worth $AU13 million!

Winx, champion as she is has won about $AU16 million (8 million pound) and can win another $AU5 million just this year

till Xmas if she stays in Australia.

Or go to Royal Ascot and Paris for $1 million!

I think punters deserve a better deal and I will try and do what I can for them.



Mar 26



Ask your self, as CEO Founder of the greatest web site solely for punters, (have a go at that guys) did I really have to post Gavin's gripe, was that good business with negative publicity?

Of course I had to.

He is betting way off the mark, and can never, ever win and by posting my suggested betting strategies, he and others can win.

I have had nearly 900,000 hits on by blog.

But he went over board a bit saying I tip 9 horses but that's ok.

What is wrong with me trying to help him from losing?

No one else would of posted that email, but James did.

Mar 25



Everything I do has been free so far for nearly a year.

I proved beyong doubt that live tipping and betting, things crash big time because of emotions.

Trainers win Group 1 races and dont bet, if they bet they dont win group 1 races.

Pro punters can win with their own systems, if they tipped live, they would lose.

If I bet and live tip, members lose including me.

That is a fact of life.



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