Mar 25



Top line (5) wins 86% + per race,  you will lose every time betting 4/7/7/7, u need to revamp your betting Gavin.

Study the form and match with fitness.

Winning on the punt is not about picking just 1 horse a race, pro punters back many runners and set a book.




From: James Conway [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: Sunday, March 25
Subject: RE: 28.8


Hi Gavin thanks for that.


Hong Kong track comes from their video replays on their hkjc web site. I only rate their fitness levels, if they are in their wrong races or cannot run, that is in for form guide for you to work out.

They may also start weeks late and lose their fitness, anyway I just haven’t got the time of 3 hours a Monday to rate 200 horses so that is car put not.

If you follow the leads I try and give and flexi bet or whatever your system you should be winning, a place bet, a Quinella or trifecta of pick 4’s.

You study the form I look at no form just call their fitness levels.

Last race yesterday, top 5 horses returned $6,000 and I found a 33/1 horse and a 81/1 horse in the pick 4.

If you lay horses you are a mile in front, but that is not every bodies cup of tea.

Some winning punters take double or quaddies with a first leg up in fitness.

So I have no idea of horses abilities especially in Hong Kong and their racing is harder because of their constant pace on and high humidity’s, it is a real challenge,

but the $35m in some pools members can get on bets like Quinella and duets.

Locally a call of pick 1 or two horses, saves about 50% plus of investments and works.


98% - 98.50% are low fitness ratings and many chances at times.

Contact again any time thanks, as I said I only call fitness levels.




From: Gavin

 March 25, 2018 2:13 PM
To: James Conway


Hello James 


Just a quick question!


Back on the 5th of March you sent out a list of horses for Hong Kong racing that you said were - in your words - "99% - 100% fit". " Best of Best Fit Horses from track work in Hong Kong". There were 19 on the list, 2 ran last week at around the 50/1 odds and both run near last?


Today there is another 2 more Ultimate Glory in the 10th Race at 31/1, with 50 starts, 4W/ 15P, and Racenet can not even find when it last won? It has had 8 starts in the last 12 Months for 2 seconds, and is only running ONCE a month, if that?


The other is Shalluck in Race 3 - This one really has me wondering - Shalluck has had 12 starts for 2 wins 0 placing, however in its last 10 has had x0x0000000, it has not won of 65 weeks, this was back in Australia in Wyong R5 22/12/2016 1600m Good3 (Bm60), yes 65 weeks ago.


The other thing you stated in your email of wisdom was - "HIGH FITNESS LEVELS WITH SOLID STRENGHT FACTORS, THEY CAN RUN WELL". "READY TO WIN"


So the question is - Why can't you be up front and only pick the winner?


Instead of picking 7 horses in a race and claiming the glory still when a 2nd or 3rd horse picked comes in 1st ahead of your top picks. It does not make sense to me. All of us can pick 7 horses in a race and get the winner 90% of the time. You just have to be a millionaire to back them all.


I know you are going to mention percentage bets, but 2% of a $500 First 4 (4x7x7x7) - Big Deal, it would cost $9.60 for a $10.00 return, a full at $480.00 cost is only a $20.00 return? There are only 7 to 14 horses on average, in a race so the odds are pretty high of getting it. If an outsider gets up it would be only ass anyways.


You have given 2 horses today, that just contradict picking horses on eyesight fitness, over on paper form. You are not in Hong Kong.


And claiming the full dividend for each winning race is just false. I thought you may have been different to the other so called tipsters, but obviously not.


Disgruntled Follower - Who has been losing money!






Mar 25





Saturday on web tracks in Mornington and Rosehill.


Spent $4,400 on 18 races.


Returned $16,600


Profit $12,200      290% ROI


9 LAYS ON unfit horses 900% strike rate

9 Lays on unfit horses a place, 900% strike rate.


18 races / 16 top line horses wins: 89% strike rate.


503/501 lays so far with a win strike rate of 99.60% strike rate


503/486 place lays so far with a win strike rate of 96.7% strike rate.


Win lays last 393 straight undefeated: 100% strike rate


Place lays 2 of last 393 only lost: $99.50% strike rate a place.


Nearly $AU1.4 million in exotic dividends.


584 races / 507 top line horses have won 86.82% win strike rate on fitter horses.


All great



Mar 25




6-3-9-13 Pay huge 9 was $33 and the 13 was $81 dollars BINGO $AU6,000.00 huge

overs on fitter horses.


Fitness tips were 4-3-6-9-13 98.50% fit, huge over for members

Mar 20





Date Horse Trainer Rating 1st start 2nd start 3rd start Special comments.   


Dragon Master C W Chang 99 On track for a win soon

Grand Harbour 100 Old fella looking very fit 

Fantastic Feeling D E Ferraris 100 Looking very fit and nice type here 

King of Mongolia R Gibson 99 Ready to put a good showing in 

Namjong Plus A Lee 99 In good fitness levels to run well 

Empire Patch P O'Sullivan 99 Moved nicely and can be in the money next start 

Photon Willie 99 Has improved I fitness and nice run last start

Avellino 99 On the small side but very fit, chance

Perfect to Play 99 Big enough horse and fit now 

Indigenous Star P F Yiu 99 Nice balanced fitness chart of blood, fitness, strength and more, ready

Beauty Only 99 Good size and strength factors, watch out for 

Cheerfuljet C Fownes 99 Worked nicely, slow pace ready to run a nice race

Cool Army 98 Nice work out, no pressure and getting fitter 

Victory Boys D J Hall 99 Nice slow work out, plenty of strength and fit nice type

Mr Cool 100 Nice work and fit 

Singapore Sling A T Millard 99 Nice big horse getting peak fitness 

Savannah Wind C S Shum 99 Nice strong type, easy track work and ready to put its best foot forward soon 

Curling Luxury Y S Tsui 99 Even sections with nice work, fit and strong type ready now Born to

Achieve 99 Ready to start now and perfor watch out for 

City Legend T P Yung 99 Has improved in fitness, slow work today but looking well.

Khaki 100 In peak fitness and ready to perform 

Rocketeer J Moore 99 Nice type, fit and well

Mar 18




Live in Hong Kong punters, see how we go.




Mar 16



Stats Update:  Week 33


·       ROI    9,300% profit

·       Exotic Dividends  $AU1,400,000

·       Top line strike rate   536 races – 460 winners    85.80% strike rate

·       Lay unfit horses Win:   490 bets – 488 winners. Strike rate 99.60%   

·       Profit on win  lays:  46,200% 

·       Last 388 straight winners – 100% strike rate.

·       Profit on place lays:  33,000%

·       2 pay outs out of last 388 place lay bets.  – 99.50% strike rate.F


We are expanding our services into Hong Kong for the huge betting pools of up to $AU35m

every race and 80 million punters.


WORLD FIRST: I am Fitness Percentage Spreadsheet Rating horses for Group 1 Trainers

in Asia and Australia.

I make 8 comments on every horse via your email photos of horses from around the world,

no names required, just use ref code.

Trainers work practices are more 100% more efficient and up to 50% easier with more winners.

Contact me for a free trial.



*28.8 Closing Tipping ICloud Site:    (Soon)

·       Members only $AU20 per week for Wednesday and Saturday = 4 meetings.

·       VIP Members: $AU100 per week: Hong Kong 2 meetings a week, video track work best of

best Hong Kong plus same races in Australia as members.

·       VIP will lead into rebates on many products, lucky lotto punters Club and much more for members.




Mar 12






Hi Punters


I wanted to go live today but another 100 horses came in from Asia overseas to

spreadsheet in fitness.


It takes me hours, such is life.


On Wednesday for sure.


Taking a break now and going on twitter for the dogs for a while.





Mar 9



Good evening members, we are live tomorrow around the Australia with races at Randwick,


Flemington and a few at Doomben I am keen on.


See you about noon.


Have been busy in meetings in our expansion in Hong Kong which is great with pools up


to $35m per race and 15 minutes to rate in fitness.


We will have two services, Premium and Local ON OUR NEW CLOSED WEB SITE.


Terrif value weekly fees will be applicable and then we will move in to rebates and


much much more.


More later.






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