Nov 30





I am new to this but if an unfit fav. a place is $2, its stats say it is in the strike rate range of 10%, so it’s right price should be $11?


Either way members are getting massive overs laying it with a 90% chance of winning.


Non fitness punters are betting huge unders with only a 10% chance of winning and that is just place betting.





Nov 30



Good morning.


Laying unfit horses got me a 99.50% strike rate (929/924) with average price 25/1 and place 929/900 - 97% strike rate.



·        Recently laying unfit favourites is running on 100% win and 11/12 a place: 92% strike rate. 2,100% profit in only 2 days.




·        This is an amazing bet option but I need to be accountable to best perform.


·        I need to do a day of lay only to focus best plus on normal race days.


·        I will post free  on our 28.8 iCloud and Betfair forum community and other on LAY ONLY DAYS.


·        This may then be bet back again and not lose on the race for punters.


·        Martingale lay place unfit favourites should work and never lose?


·        Please pass on this great news to your members.




More later.



Nov 29



Good morning members, again we strike with calling shorter priced unfit favourites.

•    3 win calls all lose          100% strike rate. Average price $7.00
•    3 place calls all lose      100% strike rate. Average price $2.10

The score so far:

•    12 win calls, 12 collects       100% strike rate     1,200%
•    12 place calls, 11 collects    92% strike rate       900%

Total profit in 2 days laying unfit fancied horses:  2,100%

•    ROI 50% exotics today.

•    Bet $15 on 15 races, returns $22 – profit $7.00

It does not get any better than this.

Back Saturday.


Nov 27



Good morning on Saturday 8th of December, subject to nice weather I will be going on-course live

at Pakenham Cup races and then onto the Cranbourne trots meeting afterwards.


The last 10 years I have been to 3 trots meetings for 3 wins and last was at Warragul where a $2.50 favourite did 4 fast

laps in the warm-up I noticed.


So I boxed up the other favourites, and left the short priced fav out  and the trifecta paid $450 and yes, the fav was gone 500 out and got beat x 60 metres.


I wonder why?


This is something you don’t see on tele and the stewards couldn’t care less, the horse should have been scratched, think

of it as a horse getting lose in the barrier and galloping 2,000m, well that is what happened but the drive was controlling the horse!


All good and black book for a great day/night racing, subject to change but looks good.



Nov 26



Good morning members.


Following the huge feedback on risk management of unfit favourites on Saturday with a 1,500% profit plus overs in exotics, I want

to take it one step further.


From Wednesday I will call a FAVOURITE UNFIT, not to win, plus other unfit risk management runners.


This will give layers a low liability winner and exotic punters huge overs including running doubles and quadrellas.



Where is 28.8’s mathematical guru?


Really some-one needs to get up off their arse, like Bill Benter or Paul Coladonato did and break this code of gambling using my fitness percentages.


Please contact me.



Nov 25



Thanks David, I am 67 and getting a bit long also, nice work today and thanks again, some members pay $55 as on our paypal for 3 Saturdays or $20 a day.


Thanks for the feedback, members had a big day.




From: David
Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2018 6:23 PM
To: 'Jim Conway'
Subject: thanks


Hello James ,   First day and really enjoyed following plus amazing results .


The risk bets were awesome and on top bets just as good ..

Unfortunately I  didn’t do exotics but will from now on .


FYI -  I taped the card at Ballarat and will look back to see if my untrained eye can see anything about those risk horses you nominated but I am not sure if my 60 year eyes will pick anything up yet ..


Cheers David..


Nov 25




Good morning members, a huge day with our new concept of calling risky bets on short priced horses.


·        I did 9 calls and average price win was $6.60 and ALL LOST, most last. 900% profit.

·        I did 9 calls place and average price was $2.60 with 1 paying a dividend. 700% profit.

·        This also opened up bigger dividends in exotics for members.

·        Profit on 1st day of unfit risk betting 1,500%

·        ROI exotics 40%

·        $26 returned from top line tips in 18 races, profit $8, plus many 2nd hedge bets won.

All good and back Wednesday, 2 days a week enough at the moment as Spring carnival burnt me out plus just out of hospital.


Only $20 per day for live SMS ratings.





Nov 24…/special-guest-jim-conway

I am also fitness consulting trainers, all codes thoroughbred, harness and equestrian around the world.


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