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Hong Kong Track Work  8-2-2018


Good evening punters.

Best fitness horses from over 220 rated in a percentage, a huge edge for punters.

About 180 of those are not ready yet to win.

They are ready to win and this would be the last serious work outs 4-5 days before they race.

1% in fitness = 1 length; many horses are racing this weekend.

Fitness ratings in Hong Kong are high because their trainers are very good.

Good Luck



Black Book Horses that are in the Fitness Zone:.


1.      Star Superior    98%

2.      General Dino    98%

3.      Elite Spirit     98%

4.      Lucky Master    98%

5.      Joyful Moments   99%

6.      Wushu Champion  99%

7.      Fate Fire   99%

8.      Unique Joy   99%

9.      Happy Happy Star   99%

10.   Ever Strong    99%

11.   All Great Friends   98%

12.   Harrier Jet   98%

13.   Dashing Dart   98%

14.   Lamarosa   98%

15.   Thou Shall Sing         Nice type 98%

16.   Fabolous Star   99%

17.   Bullish Glory   98%

18.   Seven Heavens, first starter and looks well 98% fit

19.   Beekely   99%

20.   Penang Hall 98%

21.   Imperial Concorde 98%

22.   Diamond Friends 99%

23.   Country Melody 99% fresh

24.   Yourthewonforme 98%

25.   Volitation  98%

26.   Ugly Warrior 98%

27.   Torney  98%

28.   Trumphal Trumpet 99%

29.   Master Bernini 98%

30.   Happy Friendship 98%

31.   Don’t Miss 98%

32.   Mr Right 98%

33.   Beauty Connection 99%

34.   Diamond Dragon 98%

35.   Experto Crede 99%

36.   Agree 98%

37.   Werther 99%

38.   Beauty Generation 99%

39.   Conte 100%

40.   Mr Stunning 98%

41.   Royal Mohito 98%

42.   Goko  98%

43.   Lean Perfection 98%

Good luck.




Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 World’s No 1 LIVE FREE Horse Fitness % TV

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Feb 12



Hi Members.


We are LIVE TOMORROW WITH ONLY 5 Fittest horses on the top line.


Our last stats with Pick 4’s in and 7 selections of fittest horses.


·       Exotics tipped in 29 weeks:         $1,347,770.00

·       Lays a win 460 / 458                    99.57% strike rate:  Profits 63,200%

·       Lays a place  460 / 434                93.91% strike rate:  Profits 34,600%

·       Last 125 hours live:                      $295,586   $2,364 per hour every hour profit for 125 Hours.

·       ROI                                                 8,530%

·       Top line fittest 5 horses strike rate:  86% strike rate win.


Will now go to top line of 5 fittest horses only.




Feb 12



Hi Members.


As we move forward after our 7 month winning starter pack, our stats information tells me:


·       I will do top 5 fittest horses only where we have an excellent 87% wins strike rate.

·       I have never kept stats on duets before, but would be the hundreds of % profits, unknown to me.

·       Will drop my stats on pick 4’s, even though plenty came in on my 1-2-3-4-5 fittest ratings,

but everybody knows they have to put in extra runners. Let’s look at it as a bonus win.

·       Stats now on Winners, Quinella, Exacta, Duets (Forecast called in Asia) and Trifectas.

·       Plus our 99.56% win strike rate on unfit lays 460/458, last 348 straight, undefeated

and a bit less on the place lays,


That is enough.


Duets (Forecasts) have a $5m pool EVERY RACE by Honk Kong punters and nearly $20m in the TAB,

that is where 28.8 are heading, because I get 15 minutes to rate the horses in the parade yard,

[The same in USA] compared to 1-3 minutes or none in fact with more and more

broadcasts showing nearly all horses on the way to the barriers.


Our 28.8 Triple888 Asian Punters Club (All welcome) coming soon.


Our 6th and 7th horses did find the $33 - $100 pick 4 horses that made many massive dividends

and we were heading towards our first $1.5 million in exotics, but had over-all low strike

rates for the extra costs.


If you like to go wider, check your form guides.


I have done over 2,500 races now and time to try harder and members to win bigger by betting less.


This can take up to 70% or more out of your costs.





Feb 10



Hi members.


Ref: Hong Kong fitness levels


28.8 are going to work more into the multimillion dollar pools at Hong Kong and also our

28.8 Triple 888 Asian Punters Club. (All welcome)


On their web site they have nearly all track work x trainers and will rate them 4-5 day before the next meeting,


which is a huge early fitness mail leg up for punters.


It will take me a while but is great information for punters.


Of course the horses fitness levels will change in the 4-5 days before their race,


but horses in the fitness zone will stay in the fitness zone.


It will be great early fitness mail information for punters wanting to take doubles, quaddies and bet

before bed a wake up a winner.


With up to $5m in the tab pools on their duets, if punters box up our top line of

5 horses which costs $5 for 50% and if I tip the Trifecta from the top line,



They are paying overs and great profits.


You will need to confirm your email if you want this information posted as it comes in.


Thanks James


Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 World’s No 1 LIVE FREE Horse Fitness % TV

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Feb 10



Good morning members we are live today for the big meetings at Caulfield and Warwick Farm.


We are still on our big roll with winners during the week and also from Hong Kong during

the evening for only first 5 races, which finished about 12.30am.


Will update winning stats after today but nothing has changed, we just keep winning.


In the pools in Hong Kong their DUETS, which are into our TAB are getting pools

of up the $5m per race.


Boxing up our top line for 100% cost $10 per race and show great profits.


If I get from the top line 1-2-3, which I do in many occasions, you get paid 3 duets.


They are winning.


See you later in the day


I am currently watch live streaming from SPAIN and USA on tomorrow, all good as punters

can bet on Betfair on USA races.





Feb 8



This could be a great betting option punters.


Good morning.




I did a more comprehensive pre-race fitness tip talk because of the extra minutes at Happy Valley last

night for 5 races finishing at 12.30am.


Had 1365 hits and punters  liked the expanded format under Fitness % Academy banner.


Best results over $7k one race.


They had $3 - $4 million in the pool for duets, and with some of mine paying $15 - $25,

if I can get a 1-2-3 from two or 3 horses any order, they love it.


Duets costs only $10 for 100% return and if I get 1-2-3 top line, you end up

having 3 winning tickets, that’s just about fool proof when millions in the pool.


Best exacta was $86 top line and that was huge result as costs $20 for 100%.


Will try more here but have less time.


I could early post and then post again a more detailed summary, still have 2-3 minutes

to bet 40% of races.


Bring it on Steve, (Triple888 Asian Punters club) the old man’s still on fire!


Our Triple888 Asian Punters club, any world wide members are welcome;  members can go to sleep

and wake up with money in their account.




Feb 7



Good evening punters, I am back in Hong Kong tonight as we will be doing a lot of races there

shortly with our Triple 888 Asian Punters club and more.


In Australia I generally have ratings between 90% - 100%, in Hong Kong it is

much higher with 95% - 100%, so closer cramped ratings, plus we have the high

humidity to cope with.


Now that we have a cooler day tomorrow I am live at Ararat and Grafton.


Thanks and see you soon.


I was crook on Saturday and had to stop.





Feb 4


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