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The Future of Racing:   Triple 888 Racing ©   

James sees innovation and technology the savours for the future of racing. Now clubs can scan horses in fitness

20 minutes before every race with our new technology.


130 selected clubs, exchanges, bookmakers or investors from around the world will partner a

World Betting Tote and Exchange or affiliate. © 


Their head office will be anywhere in the world.


What will happen?


·       Triple 888 racing will be a huge success to 100’s of millions of punters with races 24/7.

·       $AU30 million dollar races will be common.

·       Races of $AU100 million in prize money for The Everest, 2000 Guineas or Melbourne Cup.

·       Betting turnover of over $AU50million plus per race.

·       $Billions of commissions paid out to each of the 130 Clubs with their 20% take out.

·       Future super champs like Frankel and Winx will win $AU1billion in career prize money.

·       A global boost to breeding and yearling prices

·       A $billion from TV rights and Ad revenues from connections.

·       Increases clubs share prices.

·       Create thousands of more jobs.

·       Millions of new punters because they can win easier on a level playing field with fitness % ratings.

·       2 new cable Horse Fitness Networks: 1 with 24/7 fitness racing and the other with new fitness reality programs and documentaries©


Our horse fitness % ratings will be available free to 100 million punters who will be betting on only

2-6 real chances every race.


When the software gets it wrong, be ready you could be an instant millionaire.





Jan 9



The LAST 61 hours fitness punting, members have won


$1,950 per hour, every hour.



Jan 9



Another extract article from The Future of Racing How to Win.  (16th of January, here)

2020:  4th Decade of fitness research.

James says our next cutting edge software mission is developing technology to scan horses for fitness,

already commenced and not that far away.

Would punters be able to hold their mobiles at horses on a TV screen, pause a horse, click and send

to our scanning software © and we will tell you how fit every runner is in seconds

from your lounge chair? 


World Wide broadcastings networks will install our scanning technology into their

parade yard cameras and before the horses have gone onto the track, every punter

in the world will know how fit all runners are.

Coming punters.


Jan 9




Today 19 races and 18 fitter top line horses won, strike rate 95%.


$21,000 in exotics tipped, cost $5,000 = $16,000 profit in your wallet members.


20 lays for 20 winners, 2,000% profit.


Members won a whopping $3,200 per hour every hour with 28.8 fitness ratings.


ROI easy 250%.


ALL IS VERY GOOD, Thanks James.

Jan 9



Good morning members we are live in the yard todays at Yarra Valley and Cessnock.


C U about 12.15pm.


Our world release of doc “The Future of Racing and How to Win” is going along great and will

be open for a great read on Tuesday the 16th of January.







Jan 8



Chris Waller racing.


Good to see some more winners coming through from the Chris Waller stable now.

I can easily see in fitness when he are back on board after a break.


He is now using Damian Oliver on board and that is a very smart move.

He is such a good balanced, hungry and big time jockey.



Coming out of UK  some big breaking stories ongoing about the Sheiks owing many millions of dollars

to UK trainers and sending some to the wall.


Evidently even Frankel service fees and staff are something like 6 month behind in no pay!

Will it eventually hurt Godolphin in Australia?


Interesting to follow this year.







Jan 8



7 days to a worldwide Future of Racing doc.

Just one extract of this interesting 15 page doc (so far)

Broadcasting, Wagering, Corporate Bookmakers and Exchanges

28.8 will increase your turnover, profits, share price and cliental to new levels.

Some corporate bookmakers will get out of horse racing because they cannot

ban 90% of their members whom are winning on fitter horses.

Betfair is holding a Royal Flush.



“Mr Peter V’Landy of NSW Racing is the best CEO in the world by 10 lengths”

He is a super smart man and good for racing.

Jan 8



Betfair feedback.


This story was how a track riding jockey did not follow a trainers instructions and

worked a horse too hard on a Thursday for A Saturday race.


Yes Gut that is exactly what hundreds of trainers do each week.

And because of the excessive training late in the week, the horse will drop off in fitness as

has already run its weekend race.

This will be reflected in the horses fitness rating on the Saturday.

The trainer messed up and in that case he should of scratched the horse and sacked the jockey.


fatto:  Story: Why not bet and tell nobody?

I practically do not bet that is the only way I achieve my success.

My business would take a massive dive if I was "on" every race because of the pressures

and emotions of gambling.

I must focus 100% with no distractions

Do not under estimate gambling stress factors in your ability to punt successful.

How many times have you sat in the pub with your mates having a pint or at home

and for a few races you don’t

want to have a bet but pick up the form guide and tip the winner to the boys.

So next race you put your head down for a bet, you don't know it but you are stressing

out and your first bet, loses.

My doc coming out on the 16th will explain what I am on about and it is innovation

and technology for me.






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