Jan 7



A horse's fitness levels changes 3 times a week.


After it races on a Saturday, after the race it goes down hill


Monday levels out


Thursday increases.


Saturday can win again, if trainer is any good.


Jan 7



Betfair Forum.


Honky Kong that is because punters are missing out on 70% of the information NOT in form guides.

How fit is a horse 5 minutes before it races?

It is free.




hong kong fooey

hong kong fooey

06 Jan 18 12:15




I’ve spent hours every day for the last 25 years or so studying the form .


I’m well in front but i can’t compete with your percentages



Jan 7



Evidently the Sheikhs whom have run into tuff times now owe millions of dollars to

UK trainers as articles posted on Betfair forum.


Many are close to ruin for training bills unpaid worth millions of pounds for long periods of time.


I am sure trainers in Australia are protected from this with banning their horses

from racing until accounts are settled.

Even to the extent they cannot be transferred to another trainer, sold or taken away.

All is not as rosy as one would think if you did business with them rubbing your hands with excitement.

It is seriously wrong.




Jan 7



It is a free and always will be.


Do u know a publican/club/casino who has betting on Australasian racing?


Ask him to mount a cheap monitor in his bar, connect to the internet and open our software

page for 1000's of winners for free.


5 hours of constant winners every day.


His place will be packed out.


This is so simple, under different circumstance he could be asked to pay for our fitness service, but our new

innovation on our iCloud software lets everyone have it for free, to every outlet in the world.


No $500 - $50,000 license fees and ongoing monthly charges, just free.


I will be able to significantly increase Betfair's turnover.



Jan 6



I didn’t think winning could get boring, it doesn’t.


Week 24 over and here we go again more world records.


$1,082,840 in dividends tipped.   $16,100 today


Lays 337/335 win lays on horses winning (99.40% strike rate)

Place lays 337/328   97.83% strike rate.

Profits on lays 75,200%


Today’s profits on lays was 16/16  1,600%


The last 56 hours live betting free members have won $AU1,840 per hour, every hour ($103,300)

Today’s profit on exotics was $10,600


ROI   6,660%    Today profit was 200%


Top line fitter horses winning 87% of the time (today was 17/18 94% strike rate)


I start work 5 minutes before the first race after form punters have spent

20 – 40 hours study yet they lose!






Jan 6



Tell your local publican he can start today.


Solving problems facing Pubs and Clubs:    It’s as easy as 1-2

Country pubs and clubs and even in metropolitan hotels are cutting out tab’s betting services

and/or just having racing shown and punters bet on their mobiles or have disconnected completely

because they are not making any money. Punters are forced to bet home alone but in reality many

want to get back into the crowd atmospheres and catch up with mates.


How to get punters back into your pub and make money?


Step 1


Mount a cheap monitor in your bar, connect to your internet and open our link https://live.28point8.com/t/latest

for our live 28.8 Fitness Percentages Ratings for up to 20 races a day we are live plus early mail news

and strategy tips how to bet 1 hour before the 1st race.


Your locals will return for a drink and enjoy a winning time just like the good old days

of a day out in the pub with great atmospheres.


Step 2


Start a 28.8 Fitness Punters Club, it could be huge and one punter may be in the chair for months because

they are winning. Members will stay longer to see more winning bets and your bar will rock n roll.


Clubs with big crowds may even get a bookie to field in your pub; you never know your luck?


Just make sure you have a few more power points for lap tops as wagering has changed.


Under different circumstances publicans could be asked to pay $50 - $400 a month for this fitness service,

but new innovations by 28.8 offers it as a great FREEBIE. “Finally someone is helping us!”


If I used postcode zones, collectively pubs could share in our iCloud Ad revenues, more later.

Jan 6



On the 16th of January I will be releasing a news break editorial to world-wide press:  


The Future of Racing “The Man Who Changed Gambling  1958 – 2018 


A great read on our technology future ideas for racing and the history of my rating horses in a percentage. 


Thanks Jim

Jan 6



Good morning punters, with it being so hot in Melbourne all races cancelled, so u can stay inside

with your air conditioner on and we are off to Randwick and Wyong.


Exotic pools will be bigger and that is great news for us.


No problems and we will win yet again.


C u about 12.20pm






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