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Good evening punters Week 24


·       We had a big day today with a ROI of 160% (Total now 6,460%)

·       Bet $4,750 for a return of $12,400 in exotics, profit of $7,650 (Total now a world record $1,066,740)

·       14 lays unfit horses today, undefeated, that is now 219 winners in a row win laying, a world record.

·       15/15 100% strike rate top line fittest horses win (87% Strike rate over 241 races.)


  • Last 50 hours live (10 days) profit per hour is a world record $1,848 per hour, every
  • hour x 50 for members.


Back again Saturday and thanks.


I have no fear.




Jan 3



Zeljko Ranogajec has taken the art form of gambling and raised it to a higher level.

Zeljko Ranogajec: While the winnings of wagering on racing have traditionally not been regarded as taxable, there comes a point where even the tax man feels compelled to seek his cut of the proceeds.

And it appears that Zeljko Ranogajec has surpassed that point to a degree that the authorities are seeking to make the distinction between gambling as a hobby and gambling as a business.

The Taxation Office has investigated Zeljko several times over the past 25 years, each time ruling that his activities did not fall into the category of being a business.

Zeljko Ranogajec big Australian punter

The Australian Taxation Office recently conducted another audit of Zeljko Ranogajec.

The outcome, announced in October of this year, 2012, seems to contradict years of legal precedent that gambling winnings are not assessable as taxable income.

The ATO seems to have taken the approach that since Ranogajec heads a syndicate of gamblers that he is indeed carrying on a business.

The end result, one that is likely to hold the interests of solicitors and courts for years to come, is that Zeljko Ranogajec, perhaps in the interest of putting the matter behind him, has agreed to surrender an amount reported to be nearly $700 million over the course of 12 months.

That works out to just under $60 million per month, a figure that would stagger just about any business in the country, but in Ranogajec's case appears to be an instance of cutting one's losses short.

It would seem the Zeljko Ranogajec was ultimately the victim of the worldwide economic crisis that has compelled revenue starved governments to actively disregard historical precedent and tax racing winnings retrospectively. Some commentators have compared the incident to the witch hunt conducted against software giant Microsoft, whose main crime seems to have been the failure to make appropriate campaign contributions. Nothing breeds envy like success.

In fairness to the tax man, it would certainly appear to the moderately objective person that Zeljko Ranogajec and his cohorts did everything in their power to disguise a truly well and highly organized endeavour to make it appear completely casual. The syndicate headed by Zeljko Ranogajec uses sophisticated gambling software to seek maximum profit. It also employs hundreds of people in three different companies based on advice it received that personally operating the gambling software in question would lead taxation authorities to conclude that there was no question that a business venture was involved.

A safe conclusion to be reached here would be that as times change and technology evolves, so must the interpretation of what is a business and what is a hobby.

While alarmists may raise the cry that the taxation office settlement, reached via court-ordered arbitration, raises the specter of retroactive taxation on anyone who has ever had a winning punt, the reality would seem that the ATO is only interested in the extremely large players, those who it seems have turned the wagering game into a science-for-profit endeavour.

Zeljko Ranogajec himself is a quite interesting character. Born in Tasmania of Croatian immigrant parents, Zeljko is reclusive in the extreme. He is never seen at tracks or in casinos. He defies the image created by flamboyant predecessors that carried colorful nick names such as Prince of Punters, Filipino Fireball, The Fireman, Fast Eddie or Hollywood. Instead, he has earned the nick name Lock Ness Monster because no one is certain that he has ever been seen. He has never been interviewed and goes to great lengths to zealously guard his privacy and that of his family and associates.

This has worked to his advantage in that where racing is concerned there can be no accusations of any sort of tampering whatsoever. This would also seem to be true of his betting interests in sports, lotteries and the stock market. It would seem a wise policy with which to adhere given the enormity of his involvement. Various estimates place his total annual participation at anywhere from $1-3 billion.

It is said that Zeljko Ranogajec bets on every thoroughbred race in Australia.

It seems that his preferred tactic emulates that of another low-key punter of an earlier era, Fred Angles.

Instead of relying on a bank of phones in his home to line up wagers in the last five minutes before a race, however, Ranogajec uses modern computer technology to queue up hundreds of bets in the TAB system, placing those bets in the final seconds before a race.

The end result is identical: opportunistic bettors cannot ride his coat tails and bookies seldom have the opportunity to take advantage of the tumbling odds that Zeljko Ranogajec's huge wagers engender. He combines relatively safe win and place bets earning small payoffs with big winnings for picking trifectas and other exotics.

Zeljko Ranogajec wagers alone are purported to account for over 30 percent of Betfair's southern hemisphere operations.

Also like Fred Angles, he approaches betting with the same attention to detail, even those that seem insignificant. It is said that the paper file of his activities for just one Melbourne Cup was over an inch thick. Perhaps so, but this fanatical attention to detail availed him not when he decided to lay Makybe Diva in the 2005 Cup.

His exhaustive preparations did not account for the VRC watering the track in order to placate trainer Lee Freedman, who had threatened to scratch Diva if the track was not softened. This just proves Ranogajec is human.

Zeljko Ranogajec has taken the art form of gambling and raised it to a higher level. His annual outlay surpasses the GDP of some third-world countries.

His approach of maintaining a low profile in order to keep the odds where he needs them to be in order to produce profits, combined with a willingness to wager on any event, even those on remote country tracks, has supplied him with a winning formula that amassed a fortune for him, a fortune that it seems, however, to have unfortunately attracted the attention of the ATO. It seems like only a question of time before other tax authorities join the queue to get their share of the pie.

Let me tell you how it will be

It's one for you

Nineteen for me

‘Cause I'm the Tax Man

Yeah, I'm the Tax Man - George Harrison

Jan 3



Good evening members, I will be live again tomorrow at Geelong and Taree about 1pm.


I have no fear.




Jan 3



Good morning punters we had a real hard yakka day yesterday with man Picnic horses going into TAB races.


Low fitness and poor quality made me miss more than normal on our top 5 fittest horses

but at the end of the day you cannot hold back out fitness system which is the best in the world.


·       Our dividend returns were $9,500 for an outlay of $3,500 giving us a profit of $6,000


·       Returning impressive hourly rates of $1,200 per hour for the 5 hours live on line.


·       Our last 45 hours live (9) days have an average win hourly rate of $1,840 per hour for 45 hours.


We had 6 lays for 6 winners undefeated, so that always keep rolling along, a current world

record of 212 win lays in a row, undefeated.


Probably back again Thursday.


Thanks and c u then.



Jan 2



Good morning punters, we are back bigger and better in 2018 and we start our mission to keep winning

for punters today after 1pm @ Wangaratta and Sapphire Coast.


Novice punters, beginners and pensioners get on our $5 Flexi 28.8 Lucky Quick Picks,

just box up our lucky 5 fittest horses In Quinella or Exacta, or Trifecta or Pick 4

and start WINNING as others are.


See u them members.




Jan 1



28.8 Lucky Quick Picks.


Our 28.8 Lucky Quick Pick numbers for even novice and new punters are winning

hundreds of thousands of dollars and consists of the 5 fittest horses in each race and

their lucky numbers.


They are returning amazing dividends and many times 1-2-3-4 across the line

for some big trifectas and Pick 4’s.


You can also take 28.8 Lucky Quick Pick quinella’s for only a few dollars per

race by flexi betting.


So if you have no idea how to bet and don’t understand the complexity of form

guides, why not box up our 28.8 Lucky Quick Pick numbers as a flexi bet

each race and I am sure that you will too be another lucky winner as others are.






Nov 30




HKJC Track Work Fitness Percentages Zone horses for 09-02-2018  (Black bookers)


Of 200 horses that worked the following 48 horses are in the fitness zone and ready to win.

Watch if they draw inside and a race they can win, good luck

1% = 1 length edge punters can have. Use these as a good guide to your betting.



1.      Hall of Flame    98%

2.      Happy Survey    98%

3.      Joyful Moments 99%

4.      Mega Treasure 98%

5.      First Beaut  98%

6.      A Star Luster 98%

7.      Super Hoppy 98%

8.      Sacred Ibis 98%

9.      Photon Willie 99%

10.   Never Better 98%

11.   Avellino 98%

12.   Actuariat 99%

13.   Ohana 98%

14.   Team Fortune  99%

15.   Cheer Win  98%

16.   Happy Sound  98%

17.   Salto Olimpico 98%

18.   New Elagence 98%

19.   Glorious Legacey  99%

20.   Diamond Friends 98%

21.   Country Melody 99%

22.   Winner St Pauls 98%

23.   Mi Bianco 98%

24.   Lean Ambassador 98%

25.   Catchmeifyoucan 98%

26.   World City   98%

27.   California Elite 98%

28.   Elite Boy  98%

29.   Lucky Coin 98%

30.   Biz Powers 99%

31.   Don’t Miss 98%

32.   Ten Flames  98%

33.   Mr Right 98%

34.   Ray’s Call 98%

35.   Marvel Tribe 98%

36.   Agree 98%

37.   Magic Legend 99%

38.   Beauty Miles 98%

39.   Rivet 99%

40.   Lucky Storm 98%

41.   Ruthven 98%

42.   Happy Meteor 98%

43.   Bond Elegance 98%

44.   Money Boy 98%

45.   Nice Kick 98%

46.   Eastern Express 98%

47.   Unicorn Jewellery 98%

48.   Victor Emperor 98%


Good luck















































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