Nov 23



Hi David thanks for that.


·        I sms (need your mobile number please) and do Melbourne and Sydney all races unless time class.


·        I send through something like this.


·        Sand 2-4/3-5-1/7-9


·        The aim is for the two fitter horses 1 or the other to win and place and start as bankers in your exotics if you take them.


·        If not, hedge the two fittest horses. I call the first 5 horses my top line and the 7-9 are next fittest.


·        I also will now call “Risk” horse (number) this will be a shorter priced horse that not right, though may be in my bottom numbers to risk in

your exotics for bigger dividends.


·        The best exotic day we had was $60,500 in one day, huge.


·        Play your own form and use our fitness to confirm what you like, sometimes 1-6 win place bets good strategies.


·        92.45% of fitter horses win, 98% of the time we get the first leg of the quaddies in, a good leg up.


·        Email me any time and I do need your mobile number David.





Nov 22




Good afternoon members, with over $2.5m in exotics rated I am introducing a new value bet fitness edge.


·        I see many short priced horses that are a risk on LOW fitness and worth betting to that effect.


·        I will name 1 shorter priced risk horse every race to deliver  bigger exotics.


See you next Saturday live, $20 per race day sms RATINGS TO YOU.


I am worldwide consulting to trainers thoroughbred, harness and equestrian 28.8 fitness programs to win more races.


I can help your trainer to more success.





Nov 19
Nov 15



Good morning members our prime banner locations are first in best dressed only for financial affiliates.


Your costs are $300 per month, which works out to be under $24 per race day, 2 tracks per day and you can do what you want with the sms tips.


I am physically unable to do more than 3 meetings a week with the odd 4.


If you lose your prime advertising space you will go on a waiting list to re locate up the top again.


We will place your business banners elsewhere and we do need your artwork.


Best Regards





Nov 15



How to stop cheats.


Firstly racing has to blame for not having “How to Train a Fit Horse” schools.


Punters and trainers are welcome and when a trainer is fined or suspended they have to

attend X amount of re-hab classes, stand up in class and acknowledge they were a crooked trainer and answers questions.


I see the videos now on social media as class mates mobiles run hot “Drug Cheat Trainer Cries a School like a Baby!”


This will stop the bastards.






Nov 15



Good morning members, I did an interesting podcast yesterday and should be out and about soon,

a good listen to about fit horses and its history.


·        As part of the podcast we have a special this Saturday of $20, plus the next Saturday FREE sms live tips.

·        Join on pay pal and I need your mobile numbers please.

·        Nice work yesterday where live we did 16 races, 7 winners on top 44% win strike rate with our 2nd fittest winning another 7 races.

·        Our aim of 1-2 fittest to win had a healthy WIN strike rate of 88% and a ROI of 90% in exotics.


No races today but back again Saturday.





Nov 14




Good morning members, doing a podcast today so that will be interesting and more later.


Stats Update:


·        Exotic dividends after 13 months are now up to $2,480,000

·        Our aim is to select our 2 fittest horses and members to rover either or both in exotics for some huge profits.

·        ROI an impressive 17,030%

·        Strike rates are 2056 races with 1904 fitter horses winning, 92.61% winning for us.

·        Lay unfit horses:  917/912 winners strike rate of 99.45% best run was 616 winners in a row.

·        Lay unfit horses:  917/889 place strike rate of 96.95% best run was 280 winners in a row.


Spring carnival is without a doubt the hardest time to punt.

Many 2-3-4 years old and older race in up to 30% of the races, 1st up over

a longer distance, no distance form and some ran it out and others stop.


$20 per single day live sms tips.


Back soon





Nov 9



Members want one day sign on for tips as many work during the week.


Going up is $20 for single day SMS fitness tips.




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