Nov 9



Good morning members out up and down spring carnival continued with winner yesterday on exotics of 15% and same on winners.


One of the reasons that this particular carnival is harder for punters is that all ages of races are generally unexplore ground in added distances for nearly all runners.


This leaves a big hole in your form study and outsiders winning and placing.


Only have Saturday to go. James

Nov 7



Melbourne Cup day 2017 was our last lost on the punt on extocis until the same day yesterday.


It's the hardest days racing on the calender. Back again today about 1pm to normal winning.


Thanks James


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Nov 3




Good morning members, after a huge day on Thursday with 8/13 62% win strike rate fittest horse we front up again today for Flemington and Rosehill for 18 big races.


This weeks SMS every race is today, Melbourne Cup Day, Wednesday and the Thursday at only $55, join now, thanks James


Nov 1



28.8 dont study the form, know who you are backing and check fitness. rt


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Nov 1




Good new members.


We have exciting affiliations joining 28.8 and you will see their click in banners for winning tipping services and other offers.

·        We have a pro punter rebate guru to get members best odds and rebates.

·        Then a brilliant betting software genius for quicker and easy bets anywhere in Australia.

·        Syndications and horse sales will follow. (Let’s win more races with fitter 28.8 horses?)

·        The edge is to use our fitness ratings to confirm their great tips and services.

·        I have not got time to study the form; but they have a team of experts to get members more winners.

·        Advertisers welcome.

Stay tuned for more as 28.8 go global.

Why not ask your local pub or club if they want 28.8 fitness in house before each race?

We will pay you a $300 agents sign on*fee.

Please contact me for *details.



Jim Conway

CEO Founder 28.8

Oct 31



$21,750 exotics today, if you are not betting some exotics with 28.8, you are betting wrong. All from 1-2 roving bankers, deliver cheaper bets. Jim


$21,500 in exotics so far today, if you are not betting exotics with 28.8 you are betting wrong.


Race 6 $6,100 in exotics, easy. Winner top line $9.90 both bankers in 1st fittest at $2.70 a place and we then get the Grafton 1400m


Race 6 Both bankers run 1-2 and all top line returns here, ok pays $1,000 MASSIVE OVERS TOP LINE ALL IN. Stawell 1300m


$13,500 roving 1-2 bankers today, that is how to bet with fitness.


4 races down: $8,700 roving 2 stragey horses today on fire.


$7,100 in exotics returns after 1st 3 races, huge


Race 1 Rover 2nd fittest 8-3-7-4 returns $2,000 Grafton 2350m


28.8 Fitness successfully puts that first group of horses across the line more than others.




Oct 29





Good morning new members, all fitness ratings ever race, will now be sms to mobiles.

Members will never miss a winner.

·        Our ICloud software will display ratings and news after the race.

·        Starts tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday this week for only $55.

·        Then again commences Saturday through the following week including the Melbourne Cup.

·        When software later closes live to members, we will still SMS all ratings, as that opens up another 80% of the market.


Thanks for the support over our first 13 months free and feedback was most appreciated.

Please contact any time.



Oct 26






Good afternoon members.


Our site is still free however on Melbourne Cup week of Tuesday 6th, 7th and Thursday 8th

SMS 98.75% fitter horses will only apply.


There will be no live unfit postings on our iCloud platform but will be updated during the day.


A great service if having a bbq or at the track and want to get on a fitter winners.


Costs are $55 for the 3 days and I suggest register early.






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