Dec 20



Hi members, 1-2 Fitness tipping place form of 1st fittest horse.


·        W/W/W/W/L/W/W/W


Next meeting live on-course at Flemington Saturday, 1-2 tips only, join today AND ADVISE PLEASE.


·        Races to bet on, races to half stake bet stake on.



Dec 19



Good evening punters, we started on only 1-2 fittest selectins live on course at Caulfield for nice profits.


How it unfolded.


·        Race 1   Tips 5-9  Results 5-9 Winner $1.80, 9 $3.20 place. Quinella $12.60, Exacta $14.20

·        Race 2.  Tips 7-3 Results 7-5-4-3 Winner $3.10

·        Race 3.  Tips 11-1 Half Bet called, 1 3rd @ $4.00

·        Race 4. Tips 4-5, 4 second at $1.40

·        Race 5. Tips 2-3, results 3-2, Winner $2.70, 2 paid $1.80, Quinella and Exacta returned $15.30

·        Race 6. Tips 3-8, Half Bet called, 000

·        Race 7. Tips 2-4, results 4-2, Winner $3.60, Quinella and exacta returned $25.50, 2 paid $2.10 a place

·        Race 8. Tips 1-5, No bet. Results 12-5-1 with both 5-1 paying big place dividends.




·        I liked 5 races, 1st fittest won or placed in the 5/5 races, exotics returned a huge $67.60 (Spent $15) Profit of $52.50 or 350%)


·        Fittest horse a place looks a good bet and never missed in the races I liked. 100% strike rate and ran in 7/8 races.



The Edge:


I get a 2nd look at fitness plus I can see the different quality in the runners.


Maybe Saturday again.





I send out emails and SMS to members, we have Saturday racing, Wednesday and twilight races and all members want different times.


You have to reply please for me to put you on and not after 3-4 races, saying where are my tips? Thank You







Dec 19



Good morning members, it looks a nice twilight meeting at Caulfield today with the first at 4pm and last at 7.30pm


I will be LIVE on course around the stables and in the yard for early fitness sms for members.


Join today and let’s get that Xmas turkey.





Dec 18



How 2 win using fitness.


I find an edge from the mounting yard and here is a suggested betting formula to win on fitness.


·        If I bet exotics, I rover the 1 or first 2 selections with others and a bit more again with the first selection to win added

percentage of the dividends.

·        I generally only run the last 2 horses  in a pick 4/trifecta on the 3rd - 4th line, this adds more value but they are

low strike rates runners.

·        If I bet win - place, most times fixed,  it is only the fittest horses and sometime another bet on something at big

odds on the top line.

·        Hedge 1-2 is a good suggestion as they win most races.


·        I level stake bet.


Watch out for:


New -  you will see 1 horse highlighted on its own such as 3/6-8-11-2/14-15. I like the 3, make it your bet and 95% run in the exotics. Good added place bet.


Notes: Camels, terrible lot, too hard, good luck, low fitness, these are recommended pass or lower bet races, even lot of ordinary horses and generally lose.


I hope this helps.






Dec 17

Well it happened again the other night in UK.  


3 horse jumps race 96% fell  $2.15

97% fit  $1.85  Beaten 10 lengths 

99% fit  26/1 wins x 10 lengths in a 3 horse field, amazing.  


U need to know how fit your next bet is.




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Dec 17



My very funny script

"A Naked Day at the Races" has been re written and now called Wobble Wobble goes to the Gobble Gobble Races and Hollywood has a copy.


Bigger than Naked Gun, Flying High and Blazing Saddles put together.



Dec 17



What about night racing?


Night races is another kettle of fish whether it is Moonee Valley, Canterbury, Hong Kong or Singapore.

·        The lights will play huge tricks on unexperienced mounting yard ratings and you need to know what you are doing.

·        Basically because of the lighting, every horse will look super fit and they are not.

·        Just another situation that needs different “fitness rating eyes”

·        Then you have 1st up / 2nd up and race fit ratings that are different.


My next race day is Wednesday double header in Melbourne and NSW, up to 20 races live from the mounting yard fitness.







Dec 13



Good morning members, on fire by higher standards last week with 25 winners on top, plus

2nd fittest winning many races and holding an impressive over 40% win strike rate plus exotic profits.


·        Santa won’t let me go out on Saturday, plus on a roll.


·        Friday from Race 4 at Moe and NSW, then 1st 4 races at least at the Valley and Canterbury night racing.


·        That will give members a fitness bet of at least 16 races.


Join today.






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