Oct 5





·       9/9 Kyneton SUKOOT 6/1


75% of my black bookers lose because they front up less fit.


I want to look at this horse in the mounting yard and will go live punters today from race

7 a Kyneton, 1st leg of quaddie at 3.15pm.


Our leg up in the quaddies is running at 97% win strike rate.


See you then.



Oct 4




From: James Conway [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2018 6:31 PM
To: 'Fred Subject: RE: Betting


Thanks Fred, any pays are donations at the moment mate till we are a closed site.


Costs are $55 per week (On PayPal now), then you will receive:


·        Access to our live ratings for the week with a pin number.

·        PLUS SMS good things, 78% win strike rate at the moment.

·        $5 is taken out and you get a ticket each week in our EVEREST BIG BET where next year we will have a go in the

hard Group races pick 4's with a big fitness edge advantage.


Should be about 50 – 70 races live or more.


1st leg up of quaddies is running at about 97%.


All members will be on this same service Fred.





-----Original Message-----
From: Fred
Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2018 6:15 PM
To: James Conway
Subject: Betting


Hi James


Can you please tell me when I have to pay again.

Also just an update on what I will be services I will be receiving.





Oct 3



Wednesday Summary: Another big day of profits.


New members or beginners, back a place either of our 1-2 fitter horses for collects.


Nice work:


Exotics profits $4,000 (90% ROI)

44% of fittest horse won (7/16)

94% of races won x fitter horses: 15/16

600% profit in laying unfit horses. 6/6





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Oct 3



28.8 EASY BET.


1st time punters or want an easy winner:


Back either of the 1st or 2nd fittest horses for a place, simple. James



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Oct 2



Thanks Mark,


Yes I am very interested in your podcast and listen to many now.


As discussed with Dean I do want to wait 2-3 weeks when we are members only (free now for last 55 weeks)


I was a retail business owner in furniture, after leaving school to be a telegram boy, operated my own rabbit

process business of 5,000 pair a week.


I love the science of horse fitness, paint serialism artwork, write songs and poetry, create movie scripts for Hollywood

plus new inventions.


We can pre-record if you want and  here is a brief history to feed off.


·        Basically I have been in racing since 1959 when helping dad win dog races and I too later was a successful dog trainer.


·        In 1987 for the 1st time I went down and had a look at horses in the mounting yards and fitness stood out clearly to me.


·        From 1987 – 2017  x 30 years, it took me over 150,000 hours to place a fitness % of 1% = 1 length on horses, dogs and trots.


·        It is all about the science of fitness and I study no form yet out tip all.


·        I developed our iCloud software https://live.28point8.com/ after getting a million impressions a month going

live fitness tips on twitter@fithorses.


·        I now go free live 3-4 days a week off monitors around Australia and the world mounting yards.


·        I am a two bob punter some races, and if I bet up big, emotions crash my skills, I have bigger ideas.


·        Unique scanning fitness software is my goal for global punters on mobile phones and broadcasting cameras in mounting yards.


·        1ST free 55 weeks results are up on my software:


·        99.44% of lay bets win   900 tips 895 have won, longest winning streak is 660 straight winners.


·        $2.2m in exotics tipped


·        ROI 16,000%


·        92% of fitter horses win  (1658 races / 1525 fitter horses have won)


·        We have won on exotics every day since November 2017.


Monday 1-10-2018:


·        53% of my top line fittest (5 horses) finished 1-2-3-4, massive, impossible to ever get beat.


·        In the Autumn, I fitness consulted for Chris Waller and this is on-going and will lead into some unique successful

global fitness racing.


·        I had my own full page fitness column in THE SPORTSMAN


·        The many myths for punters on how to win are false an don’t stand up against fitness.


·        My job is done when for future centuries punters will have an edge in fitness every race on their mobile phone.


·        I do not have 1 person in the world to talk to about a fitness % on a horse.



Thanks Mark and lets book in end of the month?


Best Regards


James Conway






Oct 2




·        Bet place either of the first 2 fittest horses.


Yesterday huge winning stats everywhere:

·        53% of our 5 top line horses finished 1-2-3-4, that is impossible for anyone else to beat.

We had one pro SMS go you good thing alert for a winner @ $2.00


·        This selective SMS go  u good things service will be available to all members.




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Oct 2






Thanks Darren,


Our goal is the place the 1 or 1-2 fittest horses (first 2) in exotics or to supply an edge in each way bets.


Keep it simple Darren and just back a place either of the first 2 fittest horses and things will work out or look

for value on the top line, like we had a $71 winner there the other week.


Any exotic bets flexi rover a fit horse.





From: Darren


Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 7:47 AM
To: James Conway
Subject: Re: FW: 28.8 Closing 4 members, what is the deal?


Hi James I 2ould like to commit to your weekly script but I am struggling to see how you make such regular

and large profits on your staking plan.  

Any chance of showing me how to maximise your selectioins and staking plan please.






Oct 1





16/17 winner on top 94% strike rate, 6/17 winners on top 35% win strike rate with a POT of 100%.


$6,000 Profit in exotics with a ROI of 130%


99% LAST WINNER at Geelong was SMS to pro punters, they are  600% PLUS ROI UP on

specials and every member will get this exclusive service also soon.




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