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Live today about 1pm.


Selective fitness ONE TIP RACES, 100% STRIKE RATE pot 15% win and pot 41% place.

World records?

Dec 26



World’s biggest bookmaker Bill Waterhouse beat every punter except ONE!

Legendary folklore Australian bookmakers of over 112 years are the Waterhouse Family in Sydney.
In a recent 3 generation interview the biggest of them all was old Bill Waterhouse who in the 60’s and 70’s was the world biggest bookmaker and first bookie to take a bet of $AU1 million, talked about his time as a larger than life character from the mid 50’s up to recent times.

Here are some extracts and highlights from this fascinating documentary.

Who was the best punter you dealt with Bill?

Angels (Fred Angels was a prominent race horse owner in Sydney and massive winning professional punter for many decades on Australian race tracks).

What made him different?

“He was a professional; he made his living out of punting. I think you will find Angles a top form man haven said that he was also a top horse owner and he knew how fit his horses were and he would tell his trainers when to start his horses. He didn’t want to hear from the trainer “it would win or not”

Fred Angels knew fitness

The best form guide in the World is Fitness.

Fred Angels was one of the most successful and respect professional winning punters in the history of Australia because Fred knew how fit his horses were and didn’t rely on his trainer’s advice

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Yes it seems so obvious; back the fitter horses.

I have know this for 10 years, back the 100% - 99% super fit horses and collect 95% of the time.

The only problem was that trainers do no know how to train a horse up to 100% fitness and you will only see them that fit
in major Group 1 races, where because if their "champion" is not super fit and performs poorly, the owners will take the horses off them.


My $2 collective bets on the TAB built up to $105 bonus, which for me is a fortune wager.

So I waited 3 days for a horse with a clear fitness edge, and found a bet,  97% fit over 85% - 95% lower fit horses.

I put my $105 on a place, the horse won by 4 lengths and I got back $70 (less their $105)

So the years and years of waiting for 100% fit horses was fruitless.

Just look for a horse with a fitness edge and bet on it.

Dec 26




I have read all the notes, watched all the videos, seen the interviews and punters have been led down the wrong, painful losing path for 50 years.

Expert analyst have made millions.

With all the success stories of these authors, now teaching the world how to retire on the punt, why hasn't punting changed every race?


Because their knowledge to you was the wrong information, very vague in descriptions and does not work.

Every body was brain washed and duped they are of a higher order!

That's my opinion.

Dec 25



After 30 years on a fitness crusade my quest for the perfect system has been achieved.

First I had to rate millions of runners to "see" who was fit and who was not fit and apply a % of fitness that = 1 length.

Then see how many runners u need to show a profit.

Then stream line this process down to 1 super fit horse.

Then get the brain and emotions right to bet better than any pro punter in the world.

One Tip Races, with up to 15% POT WIN AND OVER 40% POT A PLACE, compared to pro punters satisfied

with 1.5% WIN POT, finishes at last my research.

I am going to have a very merry xmas see how far this can go.

Dec 24

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  • We have had thousands of wins with multiple numbers, but by far most on the 1-2 fittest horses.
    Nearly $3m in exotics
    99.50% lay strike.

With so many winning races on different bets, I have never tried to work out our POT.

Having watched a lot of pro punter videos over the years, it seems that 1.5% - 3% is great POT for a pro punter to make a killing.

Though early days with my ONE TIP RACE only a super fit horses with a fitness edge,
plus with a strike rate of 100% 1-2-3 finish.

I can come to some very early POT figures.

Win POT is 15%
Place POT is 41%

See how it all goes over a few years.

Dec 23



28.8 ONE TIP RACE is getting great feedback from members.

These are basically the races that I bet on the fittest horse, and with a 100% strike rate of 1-2-3,

they are serious tips to follow. James






Farmer Brown has his milkers on his paddocks, they all have pronounce hip bone features.



I call this COW BONE If you see this in the mounting yards on a horse, stay clear of a bet.



The horse has lower strength factors and will not finish off the race as it should





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From: Jim Conway [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
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To: 'edgamblerSubject: FW: Info horse selections


Welcome Edmundo to 28.8 James Conway CEO Fitness 28.8


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From: Edmundo Ferreira Sent: Saturday, December 21, 2019 6:56 AM
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Subject: Info horse selections


Hello,you send horse tips for Australian horse racing only or send for other country? 

I generally only do Australia but some other countries also. I work off 3 monitors in the mounting yards.


you send selections hours before race start or few minutes before? You place farecast and singles? 

I am in the parade yards, mounting yard rating fitness, you will get the tip 3-6 minutes before the race on 


You send selections via sms only or send via email or private live site page? 

For overseas it is through my web site


I am use betfair and bet365,you recomend both for use with your tips? You offer 1 day paid trial? 

Yes u can bet with Betfair and Bet365 and free at the moment on 


See my forum for more news and betting strategies.


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