World’s biggest bookmaker Bill Waterhouse beat every punter except ONE!

Legendary folklore Australian bookmakers of over 112 years are the Waterhouse Family in Sydney.
In a recent 3 generation interview the biggest of them all was old Bill Waterhouse who in the 60’s and 70’s was the world biggest bookmaker and first bookie to take a bet of $AU1 million, talked about his time as a larger than life character from the mid 50’s up to recent times.

Here are some extracts and highlights from this fascinating documentary.

Who was the best punter you dealt with Bill?

Angels (Fred Angels was a prominent race horse owner in Sydney and massive winning professional punter for many decades on Australian race tracks).

What made him different?

“He was a professional; he made his living out of punting. I think you will find Angles a top form man haven said that he was also a top horse owner and he knew how fit his horses were and he would tell his trainers when to start his horses. He didn’t want to hear from the trainer “it would win or not”

Fred Angels knew fitness

The best form guide in the World is Fitness.

Fred Angels was one of the most successful and respect professional winning punters in the history of Australia because Fred knew how fit his horses were and didn’t rely on his trainer’s advice


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