Want to be a mounting yard tipster?

Every Saturday I rate over 500 horses in an order of fitness, I take on the other networks with 30 – 40
expert form analyst in every aspect of MUST HAVE INFORMATION and they still run 2nd.

Want to be a mounting yard tipster?

•   Allow 10 years
•   Create your own formula
•   Do millions of ratings on horses and dogs
•   Show no emotions  (good idea not to bet too much)
•   Don’t  be influenced by others
•   Train yourself to focus for 6 hours on end  (try 10 hours of playing snooker or billiards)
•   Don’t waste your time on form study, it won’t stand up.
•   Understand the science of animal fitness
•   Don’t get sucked into pressure situations.
•   Stay clear of debating, you will ALWAYS LOSE.

Good luck, see u in 21-12-2029.

If you want to win come with me



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