How to win with 28.8


Welcome to 28.8 live fitness % tips and SMS selective races live from the mounting yards around Australia.


1.      Watch the % called 96% is low and 100% great. (4 length difference on these two horses)

2.      On live I post best 5 horses in order always have a good look at the first tip 1-2 fittest.

3.      Tips are in order of fitness.

4.      Note where the fav. is rated for overs are often tipped.

5.      I  pass on races I think are too hard, we are here to win not lose.

6.      Check on live how the day is progress and more tips

7.      The aim is for the 1-2 fittest horses to perform the best, seriously look at these horse, u can hedge bet both or use as bankers in exotics.



Tell your mates please, we just keep on winning. 

We found $60 winner and $600 in Quinella and Exacta yesterday.



James Conway


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