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Subject: 28.,8 What did I learn yesterday.


What did I learn yesterday?


·        12noon till 8pm…too long for this old bloke, 500 – 600 fitness % ratings is enough. 

·        The moral to the story is hit hard for 2-3 hours and go back to bed. 

·        We had a fav lay unplaced and a fav lay win, the other horse against the lay bet,  hit the front 20 metres out and jockey stopped riding it.

The fav took advantage, kicked back and won x a nose. Bit stiff.


·        Massive profits in our new format, somewhere between 2,000% - 5,000%? 

·        C Maher had a super fit horse in Adelaide and led and performed badly in its 1st race start.

The way I see it, if it was any good, would of started here first in Victoria, basically a very slow horse, watch, live and learn.


·        Live again today after 1pm for short stint.





Dec 12



How good is this, miracles do happen! 

1.      I cut out the 5th fitness rating to just 4 fitness tips to save costs and increase profits.

2.      Then I entered the first 2 fittest horses on a line above to make it clear to punters they are the fittest

3.      All ROVING exotic costs went from (with 2 fitness bankers) from $320 to $110 per race.

4.      Now $11 gets you 10% of the lot roving both 2 fittest horses separately. (2 chances to win or doubled up)

5.      I passed on many races I thought we could not win on. We are here to win.


What Happened. 

·        Bingo: 7 races, 6 winning profits, 1 lost a bit.

·        4 horses, run 1-2, 1-2-3 or 1-2-3-4 huge.

·        Profit up to 10,000%, that sure is some new fitness system!

·        The win and place on fittest or hedge bet both fittest just kept returning profits.


Punters would be crazy to not free check out 28.8 new fitness service.





Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 Live Horse Fitness TV, Mounting Yard Tips.

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Dec 12


Live today again after 1pm, James

Bet at own Risk was a winner on Wednesday with winning result not coming from those races, will continue with this  AS YOU CANNOT WIN ON ALL RACES.James

Dropping 5th tip now. The fifth fittest horse plays a part in only 5% of dividends, so it will be dropped from my selections, so we have first 2 fittest horses, then next two, all good.

We had one good thing today, SMS to members and won the cash at $3.70 a win, nice 270% profits. 

Dec 11



(Last night 2k% - 3k% profits dogs, 1 hour, live streaming

Dec 11




Dec 10



How to bet to Win with fitness edge.  (2 weeks free SMS to new members)



      LIVE POSTING. See the green high-lights and special comments.

Dec 10





To: 'Andrew Subject: RE: Advice


·        This week a swag of 1-2-3-4 in for trifecta, in order, plus pick’4s exotics and exactas.

·        Cut your $50 roving trifectas down to $20 ($10 each) as I miss one horse at times, or take another u like and include.

·        You need to look at the prices Andrew, and odds on and fit or fav. just take that 1 horse as your roving.

·        If I tip value in the first two, yes take your each roving trifecta, sometimes if value there put in another horse u like, cause it will pay.

·        You have to feel the markets to see if your betting will return a profit on the exotics

·        If first two horses hot favourites, the exotics won’t pay, just take your each way bet and no exotics.


Win / place bets. 

·        $15 a win

·        $35 a place.

·       That way your returning a profit if the horse is placed. 

Hope this helps, your trifecta betting is too high in my opinion in ratio to your win place bets. 





From: Andrew To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Advice


Hi James, 

I did miss race 1 Wagga. 

For all the other races ...

  • $25 to win on the fittest
  • $25 to place on the fittest
  • $50 (2 rovers) trifecta

I've set a limit of $100 per race. 

Appreciate your help and advice :)



Dec 10



ON FIRE LAST 3 WEEKS, YET AGAIN, Live today about 2pm for more winners.


Peaked at 82% win strike rate, huge. FREE MOUNTING YARD TIPS 28.8


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