Jan 5



I sent this out to some trainers I know.


Good evening, my pattern watching, backed by fitness percentage ratings over Christmas -  New Year clearly shows me that

when the senior trainer/s take a break or overseas etc., their horses lose 2-5 length in fitness, strength and blood counts.


·        It shows how important a skilled trainer is to an organisation.


We struggle on 96% -97% for winners. I won place betting on low fitness today.




All the best





Jan 4



Good morning members, nice results Sandown on Wednesday with only 1-2 fittest tips from the yard, this is how it all unfolded.

Similar results as last Saturday.


We passed on some races as too hard, with bets in the 97% - 98% - 99% fitness range.



Winning tip 2nd fittest Maclairey                                               3rd pays $1.65 place

Winning tip 1st fittest Cryptic Jewel                                          2nd pays $1.70 place

Winning tip 1st fittest Negasi                                                    Won $5.50 - $2.00

Winning tip 2nd fittest same race So Belafonte                           2nd pays nice $4.20 a place, Quin / Exacta $120 - starts off $10,000 in exotics

Winning tip 1st fittest Shaq                                                      Wins $2.70 - $1.40

Winning tip 2nd fittest Trigger Point, same race                          3rd huge $7 a place, $1,000 roving exotics

Winning tip 1st fittest Villa Sarchi                                              Won $4.60 - $1.80

Winning tip 1st fittest Hawkshot                                               2nd, $1.12 place, Fabian Spirit 99% 1st tip late scratching, black book.

Winning tip 1st fittest Tin Hat                                                  Won, $3.50 - $1.65


Back live again on-course at Caulfield.


Paid up members please let me know if you want fitness tips.







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Jan 3



From a betfair members.


"only half fit" - 50-60%?
"getting near where i want him to be" 80-90%
"just about now fully fit" 90%
"just missing something" 95%
"fully fit" 100%

Then convert your percentages into lengths. On flat races there maybe 10 horses across the line in 8 lengths. so what is the answer?

Half fit 50% does that finish within 8 lengths of the winner?

So each 10% may be .8 of a percent

80% may be 1.6 lengths off 100%

90% may be .8 lengths off 100%

95% my be 0.4 lenghts off 100%

It won't stand up, as a horse just running in a paddock will get itself 80% fit, then you have pre training and then trials and training,
and then race fitness levels.

My 1% = 1 lengths stands up.

A horse 100% fit will have a 6 lengths edge over a horse 94% fit.

Then you have fitness verses the speed of a horse.

Fitness Margins vs Science

When a horse is 100% fit it can run 50kph over a short distance to win a race.

Why would you want to back a horse that can only run 35kph?

My fitness formula is based on 1% = 1 length in advantage a horse has over another, so a horse 10% less fit i.e.: 90% can be beaten by 10 lengths by a 100% fit horse.

What tests are there to prove your formula?

Scientific test proved that a car travelling at 45kph (10% slower) behind a car travelling at 50kph

will finish 25 meters behind the faster car over a short distance, the same as horses at full speed.

The length of a horse is universally accepted at 2.4 meters, so x 10 lengths = 24 meters.

So my formula is scientifically proven and correct, and it only took me 50 years!

Punters ask yourself; "Why would you want to back a horse unfit to run only 35kph when you can back a horse fit to win running at 50kph?"

It took me 150,000 hours to work this out.

Keep at it, it is all maths and science.


Jan 2



There was a race at Sandown today: 99% fit, top rated 4/1

Last and 15 lengths off the lead turning for home, a 25/1 in running chance?

Wins x 3 on super fitness as all its fitness, strength, blood and muscles click in together.

Now that would be overs and a great service to Betfair punters.

Get it right and contact me please.


Jan 2



If the bot was universal and could be used in Australia I would do this and contact me.

Have your own ideas then add how fit the horses are 4 minutes before the race e.g.

In running fluations with a fitness edge.

3 - 12/1 - 100%

7 - 2/1 - 95% fit

1 - 4/6 - 80% fit

That is a big winner!

Go for it.


Jan 2



We filled members wallets.


Good evening punters, short and sweet; another huge day live on course at Sandown.


·        Live sms tomorrow on-track at Geelong.


·        Register now for $20 SMS fitness tips, then back again Saturday.


·        Current paid up members, please let me know you want on.






Jan 1



Good morning members we have a free iCloud 1-2 fitness tips on Thursday at Geelong and elsewhere.


·        Go to https://live.28point8.com/


·        If you want SMS that day you need to register and pay $20.


·        Live on-course at Sandown on Wednesday to SMS members.


All the best







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