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Tens of thousands of punters are now stuck at home betting on their software.

It has become a lonely world.


WHY NOT meeting a pub one day for a meal and chat or TAKE ON A PUB FOR A BETTING DAY AND LIVE STREAM

and if I have the mounting yards, you never know we may have a free day out.


I am in the eastern suburbs in Melbourne.

One day ever two months maybe?



Dec 6



  • Jim Conway Thanks Jason, about 10 years ago I had to name my business and web site. Conways Thorough Bred Fitness just too long and cannot read on a cap or shirt.
  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway I wanted something short like a nike or adidas brand etc for my company. I remembered about 30 years driving along the free and looking up at a billboard, and there was Bo Derek looking hot in a bathers running along the waters edge. The sign said 10.
  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway Now that's what I want so with 8 being the no 1 lucky asian number, then 2 being the 2nd lucky number (mother and father) I ended up with 28.8, and it rolls off the tongue nicely, thanks
Dec 6



  • Adam J Hall Jim tipping more than one horse in a race is not tipping the winner. Tipping one horse to win and it wins is tipping the winner.
  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway hedge 1-2 fittest horses is great bets.
  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway I you have a quaddie do u take 1x1x1x1? no. If u take tattslotto do u fill in only 1 square. No.
    If you use the two fittest horses to hedge bet to return a profit on 80% - 90% of races is that smart betting with a fitness edge, yes.
    ]If you use our 2 fittest horses, like work with 1-2 with 5-7-9 and numbers are 5-2-7-1 and pays $7,700 (this week) is that a good strategy call? Off course it is, fitter horses perform. 28.8
  • Adam J Hall Fair point
  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway Thanks Adam we practically never lose, been doing this for 30 years and free on 1% = 1 length and also
    RISK FAV green activated means fav. in trouble on fitness = 100% strike rate fav losing, Thank
Dec 5



How to win with 28.8


Welcome to 28.8 live fitness % tips and SMS selective races live from the mounting yards around Australia.


1.      Watch the % called 96% is low and 100% great. (4 length difference on these two horses)

2.      On live I post best 5 horses in order always have a good look at the first tip 1-2 fittest.

3.      Tips are in order of fitness.

4.      Note where the fav. is rated for overs are often tipped.

5.      I  pass on races I think are too hard, we are here to win not lose.

6.      Check on live how the day is progress and more tips

7.      The aim is for the 1-2 fittest horses to perform the best, seriously look at these horse, u can hedge bet both or use as bankers in exotics.



Tell your mates please, we just keep on winning. 

We found $60 winner and $600 in Quinella and Exacta yesterday.



James Conway

Dec 2



We are on fire!  20,000% profit last 2 weeks. 

We are FREE live mounting yard fitness tips this week (subject to change)


·        Tuesday 2pm on wards

·        Wednesday Twilight 4pm on wards

·        Thursday

·        Saturday


Thanks and good luck.  sms available.



Dec 1




Subject: 28.8 FAV RISK (green alert) FAVOURITE NOT THE FITTEST


Good morning again punters, my emails are running hot with the new FAV RISK green alert link on


·        With 100% strike rate on unfit favourites LOSING, this is hot news for members and you can go there live on race days for free.

·        As so many, this is not a SMS service.

·        THE FITNESS EDGE: You will get overs in each way fitter horses and overs in the exotics.


All good and back on line again soon and watch out for live TASRACING.






Dec 1



Subject: 28.8 Hot weeks for punters. Unfit fav. button activated.


Good morning punters.


It sure has been a busy and hot week for members with:


·        Last 2 weeks over 20,000% profits

·        Tasracing I was live on course in the mounting yards:  summary and great black bookers

·        Race 7 Moonee Valley Tips 2-1/3-5-8: Results 5-8-1-2 both bankers in Pays $7,700, massive profits

·        I activated the green FAV RISK button on Saturday with 100% unfit fav strike rates losing, watch for this now.

·        1-2 across the line, first two fittest tips showing huge profits in the Quinella and Exactas.


It’s all happening with 28.8 and Tasracing.


Best Regards



Nov 30



BlackBookers: Launceston Night: 27th November – Newmarket Meeting


Race 1. 1400m

Fav SIR DA VINCI on a nice 97% fit failed to lengthen when the gaps opened, caught a bit wide but still never exploded when the race was there to be won. Favourite once again next start and not sure of its true ability, take caution. He could be a wet tracker?

96%: LE MONDE DE LUCAS finished of the race nicely as with TEE JAY FRANKIE; so watched out for these two. 3yo gelding NEEDAREIN races ungenerously and can improve with experience and fitness.


Race 2.  1400m

97%: SCARFACE ROMEO well tried in the betting was = fitness with the 5 GEE GEES DARL

SCARFACE ROMEO got the rails run and the cash, GEE GEES DARL on the small side and missed.

Black Book the stocky type KOMBACY who on 96% flashed home from back in the pack.


Race 3.  1200m

 = Best type for the night here punters was the impressive winner AUDREY 96%.

To step up to better races, she needs a boost in her blood count.

(What does a horse elevated blood count do? Basically is has an elevated oxygen levels in its red corpuscles that enables more oxygen into a horses muscles to finish off a race at full steam).

AUDREY still has 4-5 lengths in improvement aiming for 100% fitness levels; watch out for, very nice type.


Race 4.  1200m

This turned out a difficult race with many runners on only 90% - 96% fit and nothing really was a standout to take the next step and put together 3-4 wins in a row.


Race 5   1200m

We were on the 2 here on 96% Fit HEAVEN’S BONUS at 20/1 and finished strongly for a closing 2nd, black book this nice type next start. EASY ROAD is a nice type and watch out for him next start at good odds.


Race 6:  1200m NEWMARKET

The top rated and class horse TSHAHITSI is in the fitness zone and now ready to perform, watch out for. We were also on the (5) TWITCHY FRANK who with a lower blood count, just failed to peg back the good winner, in I’M WESLEY.

A 98% plus fitter TWITCHY FRANK is a good thing next start.


Race 7:   1200m

AMAWORD is my 2nd nice type horses to follow from the meeting as with AUDREY.

AMAWORD reminds of back in 1993, Testa Rossa, multiple group 1 winners, short and stock with plenty of ability. Both are similar types.

He won 1st up tonight and in about 20 days’ time can win again. Boost his blood count then he can improve up to 4-5 lengths to peak at 100% fitness ratings.


Race 8-9   There were no blackbookers.

All great punters and with the expert form analyst team at Tasracing and with now 28.8 Fitness % ratings in your form guides, I am sure that punters are in for a windfall of winners from Tasracing.



James Conway 28.8


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