Nov 30



28.8 The Science of Fitness Free

Good morning punters, I am James Conway the CEO Founder of 28.8 that rates horses in a % of Fitness, the only person in history. Each 1% = a 1 length edge punters can get.

A horse super fit on 100% has a 12 lengths edge on a horse unfit rated 88%.

28.8 are here to place fitness in your form guides for Tasracing with live mounting yard tips.

I use a complex formula that took me 30 years to create and takes in the factors of:

1.      Fitness Levels

2.      Strength Factors

3.      Nutritional Levels

4.      Hypertrophic Fitness (Muscle on muscle) Factors.

Nov 29



Subject: Welcome to 28.8 Glen




Good afternoon Glen, welcome to 28.8 live fitness % tips and SMS selective races live from the mounting yards around Australia.


Thanks for the payment YOU HAVE ONE MONTH OF OUR FITNESS TIPS -  SMS SELECTIVE TIPS PLUS ACCESS TO OUR LIVE TIPS for only $39.95 - expires 29th December 2019


·        It took me 30 years to place a % of fitness on a horse and 1% represents 1 length.

·        From today you will receive selected SMS tips around Australia on our race days, like today.

·        Watch the % called 96% is low and 100% great. (4 length difference on these two horses)

·        On live I post best 5 horses in order of fitness so always have a good look at the first tip 1-2 fittest.

·        Note where the fav. is rated for overs are often seen.

·        I  pass on races I think are too hard, we are here to win not lose.

·        So if you don’t get an SMS for a while, I am still here looking for a fitness edge.

·        Check on live how the day is progress and more tips

·        The aim is for the 1-2 fittest horses to perform the best.


I usually do Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at least plus live plus Tasracing. 

You may see live me in the mounting yards on and off on Tasracing live streaming station.

All good and email or sms me with any problems, anytime


Tell your mates 


James Conway


CEO Founder 28.8

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nov 25



Hi members


·        With race after race winners and exotic profits, working all this out sure sugars me off.

·        We were on fire every day with 90% of tips last week with 8k% - 12k% profits, that’s the best I can do.

·        $37 winner - $16.70 a place plus a swag more of value tips getting up.


I am away on business Tuesday – Thursday this week, so will do SMS and live free tips today, Friday and Saturday to catch up. 

·        Caution WE HAVE ordinary meeting today, so few sms tips coming.

·        You will receive SMS 2 horses in an order of fittest horses in selective races.

·        More horses can been see free on with 5 tips rated in order of fitness.


Sign up for 2 weeks SMS for only $19.95


Thanks Heaps. 


Nov 25



Subject: RE: I Notification of Payment Received from Kevin  

Thanks Kevin for joining 28.8 SMS SELECTIVE 1-2  Fitness tips mate.


I do need your mobile please.


·        This week Kevin I am away for Tuesday – Thursday interstate on 28.8 business.

·        So a bonus free week added Kevin.

·        I will do a few today, Monday and then something Friday and of course Saturday all free for you this week.

·        I usually do Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

·        All is good and you will receive 2 horses in an order of fittest horses in selective race.

·        More horses can been see free on with 5 tips rated in order of fitness.


Last week was between 8000% - 12,000% profit.

All good and drop me a line anything Kevin.






Nov 24



I am unavailable Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week but I will catch up with members. James


Good morning members, a massive week of live tips on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and big day Saturday.

With many many wins during the four days with many races all exotics in, it is hard to work out our profits.

But pretty sure 8,000% - 12,000% would be a fair call. Back again this week later in the week. Regards James




Results: Bingo in a very difficult race 7 wins at $37.40 7-6-13 and we get all the exotics up to the trifecta, pay massive. $1,900 - 1,200% profit? Kembla Grange 1000m


results 9-8-6-7 both bankers in, 1st 1-2-3-4 fittest finish 1-2-3-4 and exotics $650 massive profits here another 500% PLUS ? beats me I get sick of calculating our profits. Kembla Grange 1200m


Results: As called 4 - 3 finish, easy money Winner $2.10, 3 $2.10 a place, exotics $7.40 that was massive, 540% profit on exotics, great. Morphetville: 2250m


Results: 6-10-15-11 2nd fittest wins the last at $8.50 that's ok. 15 paid $16.70 a place thats ok also for a value bet at $73 last race today members. Ballarat 1200m

Nov 23





·        Win, Win, and keep on winning. Huge week in profits for members and today we are live again in the mounting yards with fitness% tips.

·        NEW we had 2 x over $20 winners live mounting yard Tasracing tips, where you can see their live streaming mounting yard on their web site.

·        Tips are in order of fitness and we focus on the 1-2 first selections to perform the best.

·        SMS selective race tips or nearly all race on here on live fitness.

·        Ballarat looks a particular hard meeting with many runners, so be very careful and we could miss some of their races as just too hard.


Good luck today.



Nov 21



Good morning punters we will start today FREE at about 12.30pm so as to have both

Moe and HAWKESBURY on line, see u then.


Great work yesterday with plenty of winners and quinella and exactas returning huge profits.



Nov 20


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