Oct 5



60 minutes with 28.8 at noon today, live streaming fitness % from the mounting yards, 28.8 keep on winning, best tipping profits in the world 56K% PROFIT IN 4 MONTHS. https://facebook.com/jim.conway.9849



Oct 4



Who wants the life style of a MILLIONAIRE for free?



Oct 3


$20 per week SMS fittest horses service.


Thanks for clarifying James


Good afternoon Geoff, I look for an edge and hope the horses win, they are the SMS and looking for 98% fit.

Others tips live are lessor fitness but with 80% hedge bet win rate it was a good day.


Yes ,look at 28.8 or 60 minutes with 28.8 on my facebook and now youtube.

I will sms what I think are good things Geoff




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Oct 3



60 minutes with 28.8 The world's best horse fitness tipping PROFITS.

55,000% in only 4 months, we put fitness in your form guides.


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Oct 2



28.8 Watch 60 minutes free live streaming with worlds number 1 tipster and win I have inside stable fitness tips.



Oct 1



Thanks Geoff, welcome to 28.8 the best profit tipping service in the world.


·        Our live tips are free on https://live.28point8.com/

·        We have exciting new software opening soon.

·        Your $20 can be used for a week of selective 98 plus best of sms tips, do you want that?

·        Or use free tips until our paid for service opens in 3-5 weeks’ time at $19.95 per month.

·        https://live.28point8.com/t/nicewins    See there Geoff for how the tips form out and betting tips.

·        We have won 55k% profits in 4 months because I put fitness into your form guides.

·        Selective tips only. I look for an edge in fitness.

·        Watch for notices when I go live streaming first 1-2 races on https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849

·        Click on some videos Geoff to get an idea how this all works.


All the best and please send me an email any time if want to ask questions



Oct 1





Hedge Betting:

This to me is the best betting system to win on the punt, Fitness hedge betting.

When I tip a horse and is $7 a win and $2.70 a place and runs 2nd or 3rd, YOU MUST STILL WIN ON THE RACE.

When I tip a horse and is $3 a win and $1.50 a place and runs 2nd or 3rd YOU MUST STILL WIN ON THE RACE.

Bet say 1 win x 4 places and that will return a 100% profit on a $7 place bet or whatever the place units prices, if the tip runs a
place (Ave 80% - 85%) of the time YOU MUST NOT LOSE.

Betfair sometimes bet more than 3 places, this is gold.

Our Fitness hedge betting allows you to win 75% - 100% daily hedge betting on all bets and no runs of outs.


And no form study, but if u do not like my selection, don't bet.

You are now living a dream!


Sep 30



NOT ONE PERSON can out TIP MORE WINNERS in the world than 28.8 mounting yard fitness % tips can.


55,000% profit in only 4 months, live streaming 28.8





I ran myself into the ground this week live streaming, to test if I could break myself!


But I still could not stop myself tipping live fitness winners from the yard, a very sound system,

Fit horses Beat Unfit horses stands the test once again.


Winners today again. 55,000% profit in 4 months, 28.8 IS THE BEST TIPS IN THE WORLD.




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