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Subject: FAV RISK - UNFIT FAVOURITE to lose.

Good morning punters, my emails are running hot with the new FAV RISK green alert link 

·       With 99.50% strike rate on unfit favourites LOSING, this is good news for punters and you can go there live on race days for free.

·       If a mounting yard tipster can rate the fittest horses, they should also be able to rate unfit favourites for Betfair lays or time to take the overs.

I call an unfit favourite when I have at least 4 horses fitter, just to make sure.





This is all interesting.

I have seen his mounting yard fitness staff around Victoria for years.

There are at least 5-6 I know of how cover a lot of races, 7 days a week.

They enter (ticks?) on each horse on a pad, as they walk past evaluating their fitness and send off to the betting office.

Some times say 1-2 would go to Sale races and not locals, he would be up for 12 hours pay for both = 24 hours, so image his monthly wage bill?

He made money so must be super smart punting on pre race fitness.



Can he duplicate his mounting yard fitness ratings in UK?

I doubt very much in my opinion.

His points of fitness stats for his touch pad spotters will be lower.

Let's say his betting fitness is 95% collective ratings on each horse from spotters.

Because UK training is of a much lower standard, his collective betting fitness will be under 80% - 90%, and in Australia he would not touch these races/horses.

Now he has to bet millions of pounds in a lower framed fitness markets which will present a much higher risk of losing factors.

It just will not be profitable  and he will either go to sports betting or come back to Australia.

I have rated millions of horses around the world in fitness, and UK fitness is a very low standard, that is why Australia trainers
can put 10 lengths on a nice horse and win group races here.

Dr Nick is walking right into a huge quick sand pit.


Dec 21




Want to be a mounting yard tipster?

Every Saturday I rate over 500 horses in an order of fitness, I take on the other networks with 30 – 40
expert form analyst in every aspect of MUST HAVE INFORMATION and they still run 2nd.

Want to be a mounting yard tipster?

•   Allow 10 years
•   Create your own formula
•   Do millions of ratings on horses and dogs
•   Show no emotions  (good idea not to bet too much)
•   Don’t  be influenced by others
•   Train yourself to focus for 6 hours on end  (try 10 hours of playing snooker or billiards)
•   Don’t waste your time on form study, it won’t stand up.
•   Understand the science of animal fitness
•   Don’t get sucked into pressure situations.
•   Stay clear of debating, you will ALWAYS LOSE.

Good luck, see u in 21-12-2029.

If you want to win come with me


Dec 19




The war continues today, live mounting yard free tips.

about 2,000% profit yesterday

See u then, James



Dec 18





My new format of only 4 horses does not cater enough for pick 4's, so will be taken out of our stats,

but plenty of other exotics are getting up.



Dec 17



28.8 If U Want To Win: Come With Me


Good evening punters, we just keep on winning day in and day out.


·        Not an issue of easy 1,000% plus profit a day every day.

·        Because of the heat it’s about a 10.50 start tomorrow to get your money free on

·        I find that if I rate 200 horses in a % of fitness, it is better than rating up 600 and being fagged out.

·        This way I can work more days for punters.





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Dec 17




Dec 17


Live mounting yard tips today around 1pm, tens of thousands percent profits on fittest horses.




Dec 15



Why not turn 28.8 into a global mounting yard fitness web site has plenty of merit,

with skilled mounting yard tips from around the world 24/7.


We have the platforms for you to use.


Can you tip horses in fitness and want to join a successful mounting yard live web site?


Contact me please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. rt






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