Jan 20



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Jan 19



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Jan 19



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Jan 17



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Jan 17



Short and sweet today profit 760% and that makes about 25,500% profit last 6 days, cheers James


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Jan 15



What happened today, $36.50 - $18 - $14 - $9 winners in short mix, plus others, exotics and pick four leg ups to over $20,000 in exotics. A couple of woeful rides. We live again tomorrow. 4 days 22,000% profits.
Jan 15




Jan 14




2-10 W$18 Profit 8,500% Gunnedah race 4

I like the 10-2 28.8 SMS/EMAIL LIVE BLOOD COUNT STABLE TIPS ONCOURSE 1 hr b4 they win

21,000% profit in three days

33,000% profit in 8 months




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