Golf, four!!!!

It has been 20 years and 30kg lighter since I hit a golf ball, but I went down to a driving range today to see if

I still have it!


Guess what, no and a long way to go to get back to 3 handicap.

I hacked first 30 balls like I have a blunt axe, but then remembered to swivvle my hips a bit.

That helped.


Then I went to transferring my weight on by back leg and moving my weight forward to my front leg

as I swang, that found me 20 - 30 metres straight away.


Then I was hooking the ball because swing in a round arm so straighted up my wing, more up and down and the ball

went straight.


Out of 100, I had enough after 70 balls and gave the other 30 to this old dear practicing for tomorrow comp.


Back again next week, I won't ever get back to 3, but give me a couple of thousand balls on the driving range and may

be about 15-20 handicap.

My best hit went only 150 metres today, far cry from my best of 352 metres!!


It's a long way to go, but pulled up good.


Then I'll have a game, cheers Jim


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