Hong Kong Race 9th June 2016


I looked forward to a new challenge to take on the mounting yards rating winners in Happy Valley with great confidence;

and score the same great results in Australia would follow through-out 28.8’s move into Asia.

Mmmm, just a bit wrong for the moment at least.

I was looking for repeating patterns.


Happy Valley is extremely well organized for punters, big crowds and horses in the parade yards in plenty of time

to rate in fitness. The jockeys are fair dinkum having a go each race.

It was obvious about 6 races down that there was a hit and miss policy in my fitness ratings results because:


·        It is helter skelter once the gates are open for about 500 metres, a bit of a back off midrace and swoopers

  e   everywhere over the line, nearly every race.


·        It was not uncommon for 4-5-6 horses across the line, most races with ¾ length separating them.


·        As for my ratings of 7 horses per race in fitness order, about 3-4 got there and other half disappearing into the sunset.


·        Stronger horses with more strength factor failed,, leaner horses won, then leaner horses folded up and horses with great

strength factors ran over the top, it sure left yours truly scratching his head.


Even the on course commentators said they had a tuff night; or was it just a low grade meeting we all struck?



Are Hong Kong trainers better than Australia: No


Their horses are not rock hard fit, I believe this is because they all share the same flat training facilities producing mirror like fitness levels.

In Australia, we have access to great beach work, we have massive hills to gallop up like at Ballarat and undulating acres and acres of land to gallop on.


Each trainer is an individual and train in the own style and many times are passed on horse that respond better to new training programs.

Hong Kong trainers lack that bit of polish in their horses in the parade yards and I am sure that the 20 top ranked Aussie trainers would take control over in Asian.


How many Asian trainers come to Australia and succeed?

How many Australian trainers return after success in Asian and fail?

No, I believe that Australian trainers are some of the best in the world and we very lucky.



The Punt.

Punters in Australia are in aura about the 20 million dollar pools and 5-6-7 million in Quinella and how other exotics

fail into insignificance compare to Quinella pools.  Now I know why the Quinella pools are so high.


Asian punters are not dumb, believe me, they are very smart; they know that speed maps form does not stand up, trials and expert form analyst

does not stand up, tipsters are not that hot, even fitness percentages are so far inconsistent because of racing patterns.

So the Quinella are the most popular bet by a country mile because no form information stands up, too hard to find a third

horse in trifectas and taking Quinellas, a small outlay gives you a big percentage of any dividends.


Yes an interesting night to say the least and I will have another go.


Thanks for all the emails.




Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has that fitness edge not in form guides.

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