Jun 13

as called race morning blow out, good call Jim

Jun 13


1st race I did, sydney 2 the 3 top rated and easy 2nd and top price $2.60 a place did me....jim


2nd Morning pass on looks really tricky but sent through selections.

Jun 13





Been at this now for 29 years and our new native software is getting closer, actually I suggested around late July because of all

the heavy 10 tracks to dry out a bit.

Taking it easy now, but should live on air around the world for maybe 25+ days per month.


Generally I will do up to 20 races per day, so pop in for 1 race or all day, it's not an issue.



The software you will auto see our fitness sheets  of all horses rated between 100% - 94%, track and date and race number.

There will also be suggested betting strategies for this race, either I like the 1st horse, or top line stand out, or value bet this or

just too hard for me.



Results and dividends



They will appear during the day on good things beat and ones to black booker for next start.



Will appear during the day.


Hong Kong

Asian races will be done from the mounting yards especially some night meetings, I have to have mounting yard coverage,

not behind the barriers.


This is all great information for fitness punters that want to keep on winning.


More soon Jim

Jun 13



Good morning punters we have soft tracks in melbourne and sydney for todays live mounting yard tips.


There seems 7 meetings to go in Hong Kong and will look at some of them.


Nice to see blue skies, cheers Jim

Jun 12



One trifecta got in, melbourne/sydney and go my money back, bit of fun and laughs....Jim

Live Monday from the mounting yards....cheers

Jun 12



I had a dream!


I am on, wahoo!

Jun 12



Winning on the punt is having a series of fitter horses and using those numbers as commodities to return a profit.



Jun 12



Swan Hill Race 9 - 11.6.16


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