Jun 12




Short priced favorite GHISONI was heavily fancied in the Dane Ripper Stakes at Eagle Farm on Stradbroke Day. During the week jockey James McDonald said the way she’s going, she’d have won the Stradbroke if that’s where they ran her – but instead trainer John O’shea picked out the Dane ripper for her to run. 
“I can’t see her being beaten to be honest” 
“They tried to make me work early last start and she still won easy,” McDonald said.
“I think drawing wide is a good thing, I can take my time, stay out of trouble and just put her where she is comfortable.
“If I have to go forward and lead I’m happy, if they want to go quick and kick up underneath, I think she will be more effective if I can find a spot to relax.
“Eagle Farm should be more to her liking too, it isn’t as tight as Doomben so I won’t have to rush her.”
Serious questions have to be asked when after opening on track at $1.65 and blowing like a gale to SP $1.95, while all the while parading in great order and looking a genuine good thing ability wise!
Then in the stalls after loading, the horse appearing to the naked eye to be standing still with her head upright, has her ear grabbed and it pulls her head right off  to the side. For good measure her head is restrained for a fraction of a second after the stalls opened and she’s clearly denied any chance of a fair start.
I don’t think she ran well enough to win in any case, but the incident certainly wasn’t advantageous at all to her chances!
Was it an honest mistake or devious plot with bookies paying off attendant to cheat the hot favorite? She wound up unplaced in the race for the record and bookies took the lot!
Jun 11


Whats Up?


Hi Punters


I did not see a race on Saturday but checking the results must have been a bit of a nightmare for some.


All priced winners and some of the huge placings filled the results around Australia.


Great day to stay out.


Our next meeting is Monday on Melbourne and Sydney and Tuesday/Wednesday also.


Will look for next meeting in Hong Kong and free live again, but don’t bet as trying a few

things to find a winning code for the runners in the depressing humidity and odd racing patterns.


Thanks Jim


Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has that fitness edge not in form guides.

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Jun 11


i was thinking last night once again about Asian racing.

In Australia our racing is sit and sprint and last 400 and my fitness percentages stand up really well.

I would say fitness in Australia is at least 60% of the reason why u back a winner.


Asia is a different kettle of fish, it is go go go 90% of the race in high humidity.

I think how the horse handles the humidity on the day is the key major factor to winning on the punt in Asia.

When you have so many horses across the line at the finish; a 1-2 lengths edge in pre race fitness may not stand up as good as in Australia.


Thinking of the horses that have knocked my off, a pattern may be forming.

I will crack this for punters.


More later





Jun 11



I watched about 3 hours of Ali fighting, sheer magic, he was smarter than others in the ring how he went

about winning a fight.


Of course talent helps a little bit also.

Jun 11



Bet365: Online betting agency fined $2.75 million for misleading punters


Online betting agency Bet365 has been fined $2.75 million in the Federal Court for misleading and deceptive practices over a "free bets" promotion.

Key points:

  • Bet365 ran a "free bets" promotion from March, 2013 to January 2014
  • Customers were required to bet $200 of their own money before accessing their free bet
  • Federal Court found conduct involved recklessness and affected many consumers

The action brought by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) centred on a "$200 free bets for new customers" offer that the UK-based company ran between March, 2013 and January, 2014.

The ACCC argued there were numerous restrictions and limitations that applied to the offer that were not brought to customers' attention.

In order to receive the represented $200 free bet offer, new customers were required to deposit and then gamble $200 of their own money first, before they could receive their $200 free bet.

"In this sense, if the restrictions and limitations had been appropriately brought to consumers' attention, they would have been able to recognise that there was no 'free' bet, particularly given that they had to risk their own money before making such a bet," ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

"Customers had to gamble their deposit and bonus three times before being able to withdraw any winnings. As an example, a customer who made an initial deposit of $200 and received $200 was then required to gamble $1200 before being able to withdraw any money," Mr Sims said.

Bet365 is ultimately controlled by its UK parent Hillside Services through an Australian subsidiary Hillside (Australia New Media) Pty Ltd.

Conduct 'serious, extensive and affected large number of consumers'

In his judgement, Justice Jonathan Beach noted the companies were large and collectively marketed themselves in Australia as the world's biggest online betting company.

Hillside Services' listed revenue in the 2014 financial year was 932 million pounds ($1.82 billion), while its revenue stream in Australia accounted for $29 million of that.

"The court found that the conduct was serious, extensive in its duration and affected a large number of Australian consumers," Mr Sims said.

"Further it was found that the conduct involved a significant element of recklessness which occurred in an environment where there was no substantial and rigorous compliance program."

The court ordered Bet365 to send a corrective notice, by email, to affected customers.

"The 'free bets' offer by Bet365 was aimed at enticing customers, particularly new customers who had not previously used such types of services and who were drawn into what the judge described as a 'web of deception'," Mr Sims said.

"These penalties should serve as a warning to all businesses that is it not acceptable to promote 'free' offers as a headline offer without ensuring that any restrictions or limitations are disclosed in a prominent way that ensures consumers are fully informed before they are 'enticed into a marketing web'.

"This is particularly relevant in an emerging industry like the online gambling market, where online and print advertisements target consumers who may not previously have used online gambling services."

The ACCC investigation was part of a broader global sweep of "free" offer representations coordinated through the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network.

Jun 11



Golf, four!!!!

It has been 20 years and 30kg lighter since I hit a golf ball, but I went down to a driving range today to see if

I still have it!


Guess what, no and a long way to go to get back to 3 handicap.

I hacked first 30 balls like I have a blunt axe, but then remembered to swivvle my hips a bit.

That helped.


Then I went to transferring my weight on by back leg and moving my weight forward to my front leg

as I swang, that found me 20 - 30 metres straight away.


Then I was hooking the ball because swing in a round arm so straighted up my wing, more up and down and the ball

went straight.


Out of 100, I had enough after 70 balls and gave the other 30 to this old dear practicing for tomorrow comp.


Back again next week, I won't ever get back to 3, but give me a couple of thousand balls on the driving range and may

be about 15-20 handicap.

My best hit went only 150 metres today, far cry from my best of 352 metres!!


It's a long way to go, but pulled up good.


Then I'll have a game, cheers Jim

Jun 11



Results  7-10-2-6-3


The grey won it, I have to keep at this, u have horses that sweat up a little bit, some a bit more and some in a lather of sweat.

u dont get in Australia and have to get on top of this, I hope.

Both 1st two horses huge odds and hot fav got beat.

Dividends about $4,000


Pools are about 10% of Hong Kong, so just testing for a month anyway.

At least I am having a go.



Jun 11




Race 9 Singapore, 7 minutes to jump.


I like the top line and hot fav. (2) has plenty of fitness around it... Jim

97%  4-2-3-1

96%  6-5-9


Rec. value bet, good luck


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