Apr 19

28.8 Keep on winning, join for tomorrow...Jim




SR1 3,4,5,7s2,3,4,5,7,8 (STANDOUT,FLEXI)


I found the 5 @ $110.


Results 3-5-7-8

Trifecta $4,200

Pick 4 Jackpot $11,000


There’s my rego paid, wahoo.

Seniors nap time, c u tomorrow


Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Keeps on winning.

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Apr 19



Good morning 

NEW MEMBERS I need your mobile number.


Welcome to 28.8 Live SMS MOBILE Fitness%  direct from the mounting yard.

I am the only person in the world that places a % of fitness

on a horse, 1% = 1 length edge you can have and we keep winning.


Took me 30 years to work out.


All horses are in order of fitness and suggested bet strategies each race.

I do not study the form, so have an idea who’s who in the race.

You will get a MMS 3-8 minutes before the next race.

I generally do 3-4  meetings a week in two states, best of races I think we can win on.

Up to 14 races I will do, part Melbourne part Sydney, I try and pick out the races we can win on.


Information on our results/news forum and a good idea

to make a coffee and have a read of at least the last 15-20 pages, to get the hang of things.


I have added u to our mailing list.



We have been on fire for many month now. Some results really score on the top line like

$300 exactas, over $2,000 trifecta’sand best pick 4 so far on top line paid $21,000


Consistency is our key because fitter horses run faster, some strike rates run between 50% - 70%, 1st horse, huge!

Last 2 Saturday’s our first pick won 7 and 6 times.

Punting is about using our percentages as commodities and a strategy to turn into a profit.


I have rated millions of horses and my fitness research started way back in 1987, after winning nearly

200 greyhound races as a trainer.

I will chat during the day Gavin and these are generally our calls.


  • They have to beat X:   I like this horse
  • Standout top line to start:   I am confident the top 4 horses will start your betting
  • Value Bet:     Not so sure but winner is in the mix, look for value
  • Have a coffee:  Just looks too hard for me


A lot of our 1-2 horses figure in the finishes and win.

I am here to help members and please contact me any time.




Mr James Conway

CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 Keep on Winning

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Apr 19





This is an interesting and exciting mobile text read on how the last race at Muswellbrook yesterday unfolded

with members winning full or part of $3,000 .  Next meeting Wednesday, 13 races live.


28.8 text

Mus last, make sure your bet can win in the wet please, Wednesday our next meeting cheers Jim


I rated the horses in the yard.



Last at Mus, start with top line 97% 1-2-5-3 96% 4-8-6


The Race:


The 1 $5.90 lead all the way with the 2 chasing it, the 5 and the 8 cross the line in a photo for

3rd and 4th which takes a while, I thought the 5 @ $40 got the bob and it did.


28.8 text


Bingo, top wins $5.90 tri in order 1-2-5 $523, Pick 4 2.4k, $3k results found the winner

and 5 @ $40, wahoo Jim



Text Messages In.


What a genius finishes off a great day for me.

Great finish mate


28.8 text

Big odds and exotics to, nice



Text Messages In


You are a fucking legend Jim, if that 3 came 4th I would be doing cartwheels,

Still smashed the tri though please on the nose of the giddy up

Well done Jim

Made my day huge again Jim



28.8 text


All huge thanks all, phone hot from $$ members, I’ll get u off night shift yet mate!

HaHa the 5 and winner the key thanks Jim



Text Message In


Hahahaha, work in progress, that’s the biggest collect I’ve had with your ratings now, I just

Need to keep getting it right from my side, that’s that hard part cheers mate.




28.8 text


Yes, it is the top line tips that win most, value bet not nearly as good, thanks Jim

Sugar me dead wasn’t that exciting! Thanks for the messages Jim.


Because the 5 was $40, the camera flashed over it for only 1-2 seconds but enough for this

black duck to rate it 97%, try and trick us will they?



Test Messages In


1-2 seconds to rate a horse! Wow

Amazing service, no-where else in the world

You the best judge of horse fitness I have ever seen

Can’t wait till Wednesday for more winners.




28.8 Keep on Winning, join for Wednesday or Saturday, we do about

13 races, two states a day, best races I think we can win on.







Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Keep on winning


Apr 18


28.8 keep on winning.



The 5 in the last @ $40 & got 1-2 seconds camera work but enough time or this little black duck to rate 97% fit and runs 3rd and made $3,000 in exotics, pretty cool rt



Apr 18



We keep on winning, big time today....Jim

Join for wednesday for melbourne/sydney



BINGO M8 got the lot $503 tri in order and $3,000 in exotics, 1-2-5 ($40) - 8 happy days rt

Finding the winner on $5.90 and the 5 @ $40 made it all great for members.





Apr 18



28.8 Keeps on winning


Still winning, nice results 2 x 98% 1-2 Q$8: 10-4-8-1 $450 divies massive rt jim

It doesnt get much easier that this.

Apr 18



Damn, flick of a coin and came down wrong.

97%  2-4-5-1

96%  3-9


4-3-2-1  $140


Apr 18




I think our last losing day was DERBY DAY in the quick sand back in October 2015, 28.8 keeps on winning Jim rt


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