Apr 16



55s55 seconds ago

Still on fire, PEARLS hot fav. UNFIT, members laid it $1.20 a place, ran unplaced,


66% Strike rate so far Jim rt

Apr 16



R Freedman, is he taken the wrong way, he knows horse flesh, I wonder what part he played in FBI's hey day? Jim rt



    On fire again, 3/4 75% strike rate $3.30, $3.30 and $12, other horse ran 2nd wahoo Jim rt

Apr 16


Good morning punters


14 big races today on mobile only, join and get on the winners.


Have been on fire for months.


Horses in order of fitness:


When I have say top line 97% fit, they can be 97.75%, 97.50%, 97,25% and 97%


That is what I do and  is the edge members receive.


Have a nice day and a bird in the Derby in WA if 98% plus in fitness.





Apr 15



Bet of the year coming up tomorrow, just want it 98% or more and win x 5 lengths.

Join now to get on....Jim

Apr 15



There is fireworks in this story chatting around, but basically the bookies want prime position on your web site and

you are in the red with revenue earned less marketing costs all the time, it stinks....see how many bookies I have?



I'm sure there is quite a few on here that use the forum..

Just a question to you all..

Do you all get 'marketing costs' with Crownbet?
It seems the most ridiculous thing and its the only bookmaker which is putting this in.

I made $6500 in revenue but had $16k in marketing costs, so I won't make a cent, which has been the case for the past 2 months since I joined with them.

Ive effectively referred 85 players and haven't made a cent for it.
Even worse, the negative is carried over to the next month so effectively there is a negative carryover unlike they advertise.

What can we do together to make them change this to be like all other bookmakers who don't charge the people who market their brand a 'marketing cost'?

Are they allowed to do this? It seems like they are dodging paying affiliates by passing on marketing costs to us which is completely unfair!

Apr 15



Our racing sheet tomorrow where I think we can best win.

28.8 Keep on winning, join now for 14 great fitness tips .... Jim


12.20     Caulfield          1

12.40     Randwick        2

13.15     Randwick        3


13.30    Caulfield           3

14.10    Caulfield           4

14.30    Randwick         5


1505     Randwick         6

15.25    Caulfield           6

15.45    Randwick         7


16.05    Caulfield           7

16.45    Caulfield           8


17.05   Randwick         9

17.20   Caulfield           9


18.25  Ascot Derby       (14) big races

Apr 15



Werribee 3, lustful eyes (3) not right yet but quality type, start with top line here


Results 10-3-1-9 $230 divies.


Apr 15

  nIce type 12 at Ipswich 97%, wins x a minute $3, nice type follow TIVATROLAVI


Werribee race 2


value bet here in harder race.   2-3-8-5, black book I Fell Love (8) nice type, divies $600



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