Apr 15

great money for punters, start with top line in your bets and we won $1,800 plus $9 winners




Apr 15

Huge divies here, (1) wins easily on 98% 

1-4-3-2 paid huge $300, very nice for punters Jim

This was race 2 Grafton


Apr 15



Good morning, 28.8 will be live free today on twitter@fithorses about midday.

We have been on fire for months.

Pop in for a winner.




Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Keeps on winning

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Apr 14



Good evening punters, have been testing my windows 10 and may have sorted out some of my problems (see test)

Wangaratta was cancelled today because a horse had the flu and we went to Hawksbury with good results.


Not a day for horses on top like Wednesday with 7 on top winners, but today was a day of top line horses winning and $1k exotics in.

Wiped out only on 1 race at hawksbury but came home strong with the winner on top in the last  (10) $5.60.


Their camera work on Sky is not as good as Racing.com in the mounting yards.


Racing Saturday next with both Melbourne and Sydney on the go, it has been a huge week with a stack of winners on top.

C u then and join today.


Cheers Jim



Apr 14

Ball 2 top line, results 5-2-8-10 divies $2,500 jim rt

Apr 14



Apr 14



First winner at Mckay 97% 1st tip of two others, wins x 6 lengths $4.00 nice Jim

Apr 14



First 2 races at Hawksbury, no problems top line won $8,  pls 1st horse 2nd line, 2nd race, found a horses $71 fixed and ran great 2nd.  $11.80 a place came from the top line.


$2,300 in exotics tipped so far.




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