Mar 23



Good morning punters our promo closes today for free 4 days of best blood count tips sms for the rest of the week.


·        Starts Wednesday to Saturday  1-6 sms blood count tips in your form guide per day

·        1 tip per call.

·        83% of tips return a profit.

·        11,000% profit this year so far.

·        Black book blood count horses ready to win.


Join Today, please contact info@This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 Science of Horse Fitness Books.

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Mar 9



Good morning punters,


I get jockey managers, owners and punters wanting 40 BEST BLOOD COUNT Black-bookers a week.


1.      Start Wednesday, I will EMAIL once a week, my best 40 BLOOD COUNT Black bookers from the yard to members.

2.      Costs are $35 per week (See our paypal)



Join now, a great new service to study the form the night before with best blood counts and win then our live blood counts tips SMS (83% tips return a profit)





Mar 9




I had a dream!


·        Should I SMS tip the green horse with a 100 blood or not?

·        It is very fit - it will win

·        No it won’t - it will get beat

·        No it will win.


This seemed to go on for hours.


1.      Sure enough, it won by the length of the straight.

2.      It was a 1 horse race!

3.      And yours truly never tipped it at a good price.


I think I have serious mental health issues!



Feb 26



Hi Punters we bet win and lay today with odds on low blood count fav losing. $1.30 - $1.30 - $1.50 - $1.50 all lost.


·        Members cleaned up, potentially 12,000% profit just on lays per month.

·        We hit a 90% win strike rate today. 9/10

·        Join today $35 SMS 4-5 DAYS A WEEK.






Feb 25



James Conway

February 7.2k% one best blood tip. free 28.8 Best SMS from the yard, blood count tips 83% strike rate



Feb 23



James Conway

February 7,000% plus profits, one best blood tip. 28.8 Impossible to lose blood count tips 83% strike rate Image

Feb 20


Use the $35 on that page Steve


1.      Format with blood counting rating one horse, win or hedge.

2.      Exotic best blood tips to fill in the day or pass (best still win a lot of races)

3.      No tips, roll the dice on your lucky numbers

4.      Jamie Kah, check out here best blood and report

5.      Lays, if I see a low blood under $4.50 and make sure, will tips.

6.      66 tips since Xmas 55 return a profit 83%





Feb 20



it is impossible to lose with 28.8 Blood Count tips

May be an image of horse and text that says "28.8 Impossible to lose SMS Blood Tips 82% Strike Rate We keep winning week after week and month after month 3 weeks profit 5.8k% 50k% Profit per year? #Conditions apply Direct from the mounting yard, blood counts in your bets. Jamie Kah's best blood tips members are cleaning up Join today $35 week -3 days"



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