Dear Sports Editor /PUNTERS.


Would you like a great untold story for your readers? 

After 58 years and dedicated 150,000 hours I have broken the code why a horses wins!


·        A new brilliant horse fitness service to punters that keeps on winning.

·        I soon opens the first 28.8 Live Streaming Horse Fitness TV station. www.

·        I am the only person in the history of racing to rate horses in a % of fitness.

·        How fit a horse is not in form guides, until now and 70% of why a horse wins.

·        28.8 break the science of fitness in a % from mounting yards, off monitors around the world.

·        28.8 post up to 15 fittest tips a day, posting 4 - 12 minutes before they race.

·        28.8 has world best: 53k% profits in last 4 months.

·        28.8 have a WIN strike rate of over 50% and tips returning a profit of over 80%!

·        28.8 lay strike rate of 99.50% unfit horses, with best run of 618 winners in a row.

·        28.8 have tipped nearly $3m in exotics.

·        Punters are re rejoicing: My losing, just won’t go away, who can help me?” 28.8 can.


Why a fit horse beats an unfit horse?


1.      A fit horse has higher training fitness levels, elevated strength factors to get it home  and built up muscle

on muscles factors to sustain that run.

2.      28.8 place a % on each horse with a horse 100% fit has a 10 lengths edge on an unfit horse rated only 90%


This is why our 28.8 members keep winning, I find that fitness edge for them. 

28.8 has 2 weeks free for your readers and membership is only $AU20 per month: free at the moment. 

Partnerships with 60% commissions are available plus discount video and banner advertising on LIVE HFTV. 

This is a truly great story that has to be told and a history doc with photos can be forwarded, please email or call me. 

King Regards 


Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 Live Horse Fitness TV, Mounting Yard Tips.

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