We have 100 races over 2 days up to 1,000 plus horses rated in an order of fitness from the mounting yards.

40 races: No fitness edge, no bet
30 races: Even fitness levels a few horses, best are: 3 - 4, one or both perform excellent; bet if you like
30 races: A stand out fitness: Hedge bet this horse.

If the 3rd option continually run 1-2-3  (80 - 100% of the time) and you have hedge bet to show a profit when it runs a place, then system
will re produce itself for 10,000,000 races and you cannot lose.

It is so simple, FREE and who wants to be a millionaire?

Fitness % ratings
SMS Super Fit horse
Fitness Zone Horses: 24 hour emails b4 they race.





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