Good afternoon Punters.


28.8 are excited to announce after 60 years in racing fitness, I think this is the best thing to happen for punters.


How It Works.

·        I will sms you (1) tip only from mounting yards around Australia when I see a BLOOD COUNT EDGE.

·        You will receive 0 – 6 FIRST BLOOD tips per day x 20 + days a month?

·        We are striking at 60% - 85%

·        Our proved winning hedge bet strategy  is 1 x 8 a place, returns profits.

·        Or bet your own system.

·        I will invoice you $0.99 per winning tip at the end of the month.

·        A winning tip has to pay $1.40 – best tote

·        A place tip has to pay $1.30 – best tote (Returns a 15% Hedge Profit)



1.      Please contact me with your name and mobile number before 30th of May

2.      Each FIRST BLOOD bracket will start on the 1st of the month and 15th of the month

3.      You can opt out at any time - NO PAY.

4.      If you re register at a later date, you will have to finalize 1st any outstanding previous monies.

5.      You have 7 days to finalise your account or I will cancel your membership.

6.      Selective days not available, it is all in.


This is just about the best I can do.


So far last live FIRST BLOOD TIPS - 11 days, 3,200% Profit.


Our 10 fitness books can be purchased on Monday with SECRETS OF WINNING ON LAYING UNFIT HORSES FREE




Best regards







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