Subject: 28.8 Fit 98% - 99% - 100% harness out there


Good morning punters, I have rated about 300k harness horses in a % of fitness, but never really focused on patterns. 

I recently found live streaming in harness and some races you see horses 6-8 minutes warm up, before they go to Sky.


·        Others 2 minutes

·        Others on 1 horse for 4 minutes (really dumb)

·        Other races 2-3 horses only

·        Others all runners, great.


The patterns forming is that there are more 98% - 99% - 100% fit harness horses, much more than thoroughbred and greyhounds. 

If they are drawn 1-2-3-4, and settle in the run leading or one back on the rails they are winning a sugar load of races. 

This is all great news for 28.8 members and will be doing some more harness live tips.







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