Hi Glen, the current round of off course best blood sms has finished.


  1. Our next move is ONCOURSE live stable blood count tips, it will be huge.
  2. I am waiting for tracks to open.
  3. I have nearly 100 punters ready to go and will keep you updated.
  4. Members also get bonus 3% each of a blood count Quaddie I put on Saturdays for free.
  5. During an afternoon you will get 20 sms blood tips hours before they win and low blood to lay.
  6. I also have 12 e-books for sale on the science of fitness and punting, $35 the lot.
  7. A great insight to something u have never seen.
  8. BIG NEWS COMING SOON – World Punters may get both SMS and Emails every tip for no extra costs.



  • I trained nearly 200 winners in the greyhounds many moons ago.
  • I took me from 1987 – 2020 to finish my research into the Science of Horse Fitness.
  • My lay strike rate is 99.50% strike rate with 628 best run of consecutive winners for punters.
  • You can now put fitness in your form guides hours before they win.
  • The last 8 months off-course we have won 22,000% profit.
  • I will be shortly going on-course for live blood count tips from the stables with sms winners coming

through 1-2 hours before they race and win, huge.


I am currently live on twitter@fithorses because I am bored and we have won 10k% last 24 hours and on again later today


I will keep you updated Thanks… James


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