Blood home again 2nd - 3rd blood run 1-2 at odds, $6.50 3 - $4.60 a place, great blood ratings blood count overs $170 WOW THAT IS BLOODY GREAT VALUE! Rosehill 1500m

Best blood wins again and trifecta, all good 6-3-5, winner $1.50 all great. Rosehill 1500m

Blood gets 1-2 finish, 4-7 4 pays $6.70, 7 as called just not up to 1600m yet, exotics nice over $40.00 Caulfield 1600m blood count tips

Do u want me to teach you horse fitness for more winners? ebooks Amazon a must read.

Leader ZOUSTYLE bled (5) . 2nd Top blood wins at $5.80 nice price, 3 wins Rosehill blood counts 1100m

We are tipping blood count winners, we are tipping unfit fav. because of low blood and tipping races to stay our of and are blow outs, handy work 28.8

In a field of 5, the first 2 favourites lost because NO BLOOD AND FITNESS edge over the 3 other runners. Nice call. Caulfield 1000m blood count tips

Go u good thing, 3 with top blood wins well after a tough run, blood got us home here punters and nice price $2.70, bloody easy. Caulfield blood tips

A super fit horse can peak at speeds up to 50kph and unfit horse struggles on 35kph. Which horse do you want to back next? Why would you want to pay for unfit tips? Rate your own 28.8 fitness percentages now and win. rt




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