How The Science of Fitness wins.


There had to be an easier way of winning on the punt?


I won many dogs races because my dogs were fitter.


The multi-million dollar pro punters are now training up spotters around the

world to get a fitness edge from the yard.


Fitness on your next bet is not in worldwide form guides and punters betting without this

information is down at least 70% of the information you need to win consistently.


Yet, only a hand full of people in the world know how fit a horses, don’t answer trainers

because 90% don’t even know.


We have not had a losing day since 2017 and I really need to knuckle down and go the punt soon.


Your speed maps are wrong and are made up of fitter horses making the pace, or fitter

horses running all over the top.


What our tips and see how many are leading!


I would say that just about everything ever writing for punters in the last 400 years is

70% wrong because they do not have fitness ratings to include in their stats to get it

right and never will have.


What is punting really all about?


Winning on the punt is not about backing 1 horse, it is not about backing 3 horses,  it is about

using fitter horses as commodity numbers to return a profit with the right strategies.


You can hedge though my first 3 fitter horses and possibly return a profit.


You can definitely lay my unfit horses with a win strike rate of 99.62% and 96.32%, but

that is every bodies cup of tea and I think some of Betfair’s How to Use information needs

a more simple lay-man’s videos for new punters.


They take it for granted that new punters understands the terminology, they don’t so give it away.


Martingale punting on fitness works, win or place.


Running doubles or quadrellas work using fitness as a leg up in the first legs.


But the real big slice in the pie is the exotics of trifecta’s or Pick 4’s


I continually find that long prices horse that sometimes blows these dividends out of the water.


You just need the right strategies.


With a 86% top line 5 fitter horses winning and another 10% of my next best 2 fittest winning,

that equated to 96% of fitter horses winning.


And that information is not in your form guides.


I continually call my first 2 fitter horses as best chances and this stands up nearly all day

with both bankers or either one your leg up to in cheaper exotics.


My service caters for all punters, Quinella or place bets they can show a profit.


So that’s just about it punters and no need to ask what a fit horse is as I cannot explain to you.







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