Thanks Al, nice to hear from you. You have been receiving my fitness news for a while now so u know what I do, mounting yard blood count tips.


·        I want to extend my tipping time from 3-6 minutes in the mounting out to 60 minutes or more by being live on-course around the stables.

·        I will SMS early best blood count horses some times over an hour before they win and also unfit blood horses to lay.

·        I have many members on the list now waiting for me to start and will place you on also for updates.

·        You can bet earlier at top odds or wait for the lay odds.


How better to trade:


·        When I sms tips to members, who now will trade with post on social media outlets that will create market moves, bingo you trade and not lose.

·        I could have 100 plus members “selling” blood tips online, moving markets or on sell the tips if want to.

·        Do this 20 times a day at 10% profit = 200% profit and may be not lose.

·        Or just back the horses at overs in early markets and exotics like doubles and quaddies.


Charges are $2.50 per horse 1-2-3 or low blood lays non-win, billed end of month.


Any questions Al?








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